Building a new home is not always the easiest or least stressful endeavor, but it’s a challenge that will pay off. There’s nothing like owning a home that has been designed around your lifestyle, and working closely with the right Waterfront Custom Home Builder will make the process as stress-free as possible.

To help you on your journey to new home ownership, we’ve put together a list of 5 reasons you should build a new waterfront custom home right now!

1. Your New Home Will Be Designed Around You

One of the most overlooked benefits of building a new home is having the freedom to create a house that’s tailor-built for you and your family. From your initial concept to the finished house, your personal style is built into every detail. These days the options are unlimited, and you need a Waterfront Custom Home Builder you can trust. Sacra Custom Homes understands how unique your project is and can design and build a home with you in mind.

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2. Start Building Equity Today

Investing in a new custom home isn’t just about creating a place to live. It’s about building a future. New homes on Lake Anna VA appreciate in value over time. Think of your mortgage like a savings account with the best interest rate you’ll ever get. As you pay your mortgage you are building up the value of your home. As the value of your home increases and the amount you owe decreases, you build equity. Equity allows you to receive cash when you sell your home or borrow against it with a home equity loan. There’s no better time than the present to start saving!

3. Interest Rates Are Historically Low

With the current economic conditions our nation is facing due to COVID-19, home loan interest rates have been cut to historically low levels. Lower interest rates equal lower mortgage payments! Now is the perfect time to lock in an extremely low interest rate for the life of your loan. A mortgage consultant can help you find the best loan for you, and your Waterfront Custom Home Builder can help keep your construction project within budget. Truly there has never been a better time than now to lock in a low interest rate!

4. Your New Home Will Be Built With Modern Building Standards

Building standards and practices evolve, and that’s a good thing. Innovations lead to safer homes with fewer problems. Updated regulations ensure homes are now warmer, healthier, and safer than ever before. Lake Anna custom home builders and particularly Sacra Custom Homes are familiar with all the latest best practices. Building new and using the right Waterfront Custom Home Builder will give you the peace of mind that your home was built using today’s high-quality methods and materials. At Sacra Custom Homes, we know that working with Lake Anna custom home builders can sometimes be tricky, and we strive to be completely transparent from the very beginning.

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5. Owning A Home Can Cost Less Than Renting

It may seem illogical, but oftentimes monthly rent payments are higher than monthly mortgage payments. This is especially true in highly desirable areas, and the new homes on Lake Anna VA certainly qualify. What’s more, renters pay down someone else’s mortgage instead of building equity on their own. Add to this that a security deposit is required when renters sign leases. This is money that could be used toward your own new home. In many ways, unless your situation is temporary, renting just doesn’t make sense when compared to home ownership.

Get Started Today

If you’re in Fredericksburg, Stafford, King George, or anywhere in northeastern Virginia and dreaming of building a waterfront custom home but aren’t sure if now is the right time, check us out at, or give us a call today at 540-582-2397. We’ll answer your questions and get you started on the right path. From your initial concept to the finished landscaping, we’ll get your new home done right!