You’re finally building your dream home — congrats! As you plan, remember a home office is no longer a luxury. In this era of COVID-19 remote working, a home office is a must, and most new homes in Lake Anna VA feature this much-needed space. Having an office in your home will allow you to work from home, but also designate the space for work. As the line between leisure and work continues to blur, it’s important to maintain a division between work life and home life.

Whether your home office is for remote working or just a cozy spot for paying bills, any good waterfront custom home builder will tell you it should be more than a desk and chair crammed into a corner. If you’re currently consulting Lake Anna custom home builders to assist you in designing your home office, consider the following tips to make it functional… and beautiful!

6 Design Tips for Your New Home Office

1. Think beyond the desk

No home office is complete without space allocated for seating. This can be a place for clients to sit as you meet with them or just a spot where you can take a break when you need to recharge during your workday. Either way, seating beyond your desk is a necessity.

2. Nooks aren’t just for books

Does your new home have that certain spot you just can’t figure out what to do with? Color that problem solved! Put that unused nook to work as your designated home office. Not sure your nook is big enough? Talk with a professional waterfront custom home builder about adding creative storage, so you’ll have more room for your desk and chair.

office nook

3. Built-ins work wonders

Keeping with our creative storage solutions idea, your waterfront custom home builder will be able to provide you with stylish built-ins that can enhance the style of your home office and offer extra storage space for all your supplies. And don’t limit yourself! Built-ins work well both vertically and horizontally, so be sure you consider all options. One idea: wall shelves over cabinets will give you display space above and storage space below. That’s a win-win!

4. Take advantage of views

New homes in Lake Anna VA are built with lots of windows, and you’ll want to take advantage of them. Plan your home office so you can see the great outdoors when you glance up from your computer. A window’s natural light is ideal for feeling good while you work. Bonus: Add a window-mounted bird feeder to the outside of the glass and enjoy the show our feathered friends provide.

5. Go sit in the corner

Of course, we mean this is a good way! By working with your waterfront custom home builder to add an L-shaped corner desk to your home office, you’ll enjoy a larger workspace. Pair your corner desk with a swivel chair, and you’ll have easy access to everything on both sides. Talk about a good way to increase productivity!

6. Consider a floating desk

What the heck is a floating desk? We’re glad you asked. By positioning your desk in the middle of your new office, you’ll create a more dynamic workspace that can divide the room in ways you might not have considered. If you think you might want your desk to float, be sure to ask your builder about installing floor outlets for easy power access.

Professional builders are your best friend

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when planning your new home office. But don’t worry we can help! If you’ve been talking with Lake Anna custom home builders, we want to talk with you. Sacra Custom Homes has years of experience in designing and building custom homes. If you’re planning to build in northeastern Virginia — Lake Anna, Spotsylvania, or Fredericksburg — we want to help. Visit us online at for details, or call and talk with us today at 540-582-2397.