Everyone wants their dream custom home to look as perfect as possible. As such, most people will go for the most sought-after features. While this is encouraged, there are some luxury features you may think are unnecessary until you have them incorporated into your custom home. If you live near Lake Anna, this is the time to contact a professional custom home builder in Lake Anna to help you incorporate these features.

But, what exactly are these luxury features? Well, keep reading to find out.

1. Wine Tasting Room

You do not need to be a wine aficionado to have a wine-tasting room. This luxury feature makes new construction homes near Lake Anna exciting to live in. As such, you should seriously consider adding it to your custom home. A wine-tasting room creates a wonderful area to display the collection of your favorite wine bottles.

2. Home Automation System

This is a fantastic luxury feature that makes it extremely easy to access your home. All you need is your smartphone to remotely control nearly all the components of your home. Whether it is putting the lights on and off or remotely closing and opening the door, a home automation system will do that.

3. Large Kitchen Island

Modern Kitchen with Large Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors in New Luxury Home, with View of Living Room and Dining Room

Most Lake Anna custom homes are now considering large kitchen islands, with some settling on a double unit. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a home. Therefore, the need to go for an incredibly large kitchen island cannot be overlooked. Large kitchen islands have several advantages, including:

• Providing homeowners with more storage.
• Offering casual seating.
• Creating extra workspace, which means more convenience.

4. Large Pantries with Countertops

Most people strive to come up with custom homes that are well-organized and without any clutter. To do this, most of them build large pantries featuring super handy countertops. These countertops in pantries instantly transform the look of custom homes. Plus, they make it easy to access small appliances as well as to keep them neatly in place.

5. Full Spray Foam Encapsulation

Lake Anna custom homeowners are now considering full spray foam encapsulation. That is because this is one of those luxury features you may think you do not need until you try them out. Fully encapsulating your attic comes with several benefits. These are:

• Making your home more energy efficient, thereby, saving you more money in the long run.
• Protecting your cooling and heating system from intense heat.
• Providing you with more storage.

6. Electric Towel Warmer

Who does not like a nice, warm bath after a tedious day at work? Now you can take this a notch higher by equipping your custom home in Lake Anna, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Fredericksburg, or King George with an electric towel warmer. As its name suggests, a towel warmer keeps towels warm, thereby, improving convenience and comfort. It is also a nice luxury feature you can use to pleasantly surprise your guests.

7. Auto Drop-Down Window Shades

Automatic roller blinds beige color on big glass windows with green trees outside

A good number of new construction homes near Lake Anna have this luxury feature. While it may seem pretty unimportant, an auto drop-down shade screen does an excellent job of decreasing the amount of sunlight that reaches your porch. According to professional custom home builders Lake Anna, this luxury feature is particularly important if your custom home at Lake Anna is facing west. Another reason to consider an automatic drop-down shade screen is that it keeps bugs at bay.


Having a custom home near Lake Anna is a stunning move. But you should not stop there; you can make your life more exciting by incorporating one or two of the above luxury features into your home. Call Sacra Custom Homes today for more directions on how to improve your Lake Anna custom home.