Fall is a time of change. The leaves are changing colors, the air has a crispness, and you can sense that winter is right around the corner. It’s also one of the best times to get your landscape ready for those cold winter months ahead. With custom home builders lake Anna and landscape design and installation near lake Anna, this checklist will help you make sure everything is taken care of before fall turns into winter!

Lawn Care

The first thing you should do is get a professional lawn service. During the winter months, the last thing you want to worry about is dead brown patches of grass all over your yard, so have someone take care of it for you. If there’s one time of year when Sacra Custom Home builders lake Anna can come in handy, this would be it! Depending on weather conditions, as a landscape design and installation near Lake Anna company, we will know what needs to be done and how often we need to visit throughout the fall season. We’ll also fertilize your yard, which means healthy green grass next spring as well!


Once your custom home builders are done with the lawn, it’s time to move on to the bushes and trees. If you didn’t get to this earlier in spring or summer, now is an excellent time for Sacra home builders lake Anna! We’ll be able to tell what needs to be pruned right away so that everything looks just as lovely next spring. While we’re at it, ask about how often you should have us come back throughout fall and winter, depending on weather conditions. You don’t want dead branches lying all over your yard during those months!

Leaf Raking

Raking fall leaves in garden for autumn leaf cleaning
We’ll want leaves out of the yard as soon as possible because they make an ideal place for pests to live during fall, winter, and even early spring. We’ll be the one raking those pesky leaves up depending on weather conditions, so don’t worry about a thing!

Leaf Removal from Landscape

You don’t necessarily have to remove every leaf, but be sure to get the ones near your house. This is an ideal place for pests to live during fall, winter, and early spring, so you want them gone as soon as possible!

Property Cleanup

Fall leaves are beautiful to look at, but they can do damage if left on your custom home’s landscape or lawn. They’re also an excellent place for unwanted guests like bugs and rodents over the colder months of autumn and winter. We, custom home builders at Lake Anna, will also make sure to take care of it by removing any loose debris from your home. We’ll clean up anything that may have blown onto your yard (such as branches and other unnecessary objects).

Inspect Irrigation Systems

Automatic lawn watering or irrigation system sprinkles water
Inspect irrigation system hoses, sprinkler heads, etc. Make sure everything is working before fall turns into winter! (leaves can clog some of these items)

Review fertilizer Applications

Review fertilizer applications if you use them in the autumn months. Too much nitrogen at this time can stimulate new growth that may not survive harsh conditions later on. It’s best to apply only enough to maintain green throughout the season because root slows down as soils cool!

Keeping Up Appearances

As custom home builders lake Anna begin to close your custom homes for the season, keep up with keeping them looking great! We offer the best landscape design and installation near Lake Anna. We will rake leaves away from custom-built homes and keep landscaping weed-free. You don’t want any unwanted guests finding a place to live during fall, winter, or even spring, so take care of it now while custom home builders Lake Anna can handle it easily!


Custom home builders, Lake Anna, will be able to tell you what needs doing right away depending on weather conditions throughout the fall season. So sit back with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand while we do all the work! Place a call today! We offer affordable landscape design and installation near Lake Anna!