A living room should be welcoming to family and friends while perfectly expressing your personal decor style. When guests step into your living room, they should want to spend hours chatting the evening away about the past and planning for the year ahead while perched on the stylish sofa and lush slipper chairs. However, to attain a living room of such desire takes a bit of effort and time.

However, if you are one of the many residents who have just completed building their Lake Anna custom homes, you are most likely looking for the best living room design ideas for the new year. At Sacra Custom Homes, we have rounded up a few of the best living room ideas to offer you a variety of choices and inspiration.

Jubilant Expression

We, a custom home builder in Lake Ann, can make your dream of living at the legendary Carlyle Hotel a reality. We can expertly design your living room walls to match the yellow velvet banquettes in the Carlyle lobby.

We use black moldings, a design inspired by the Carlyle Hotel’s iron doors, and faux window mullions to pay homage to this iconic landmark.

Literary Magic

For historic architecture that preserves a youthful spirit, we can paint your living room walls with duck-egg blue paint, which can blend well with silk draperies. Aerodynamic Italian chairs with a velour textile-covered coffee table at the center are perfect, especially for new construction homes near Lake Anna.

Verdant Youth

Eclectic living room interior with splash of colors and with bar in black and blue

For a stylish design for new construction homes near Lake Anna, we use buzzy patterns, verdant pops of color, and a pearly coat of paint to give the living room a fresh start in this new year. We can place a leafy Malmaison Fontaine pattern sofa and a vine-sculpted tole chandelier to balance the traditional wingback chairs. A gilded French mirror can be a perfect addition to Lake Anna custom homes.

Beach Vibes

Here are three separate seating areas, and accent them with different rugs to break up your large living room. A diamond–patterned sisal rug can lay the foundation for an airy look. A pale, near-neutral blue on the sofa and Kerry Joyce fabric drapery can augment the sunlight in the living room.

European Simplicity

Custom Home Builders in Lake Anna uses antique French leather armchairs and a sprawling sectional sofa featuring a vintage ticking stripe cover for an inviting casual living room.

Flashes of Color

An all-white living room design cuddles flashes of color in refined ways, like with an ornamental vase in a brick fireplace along with a patterned square ottoman. We love accompanying the design with a large rustic mirror that will make your living room feel even more prominent.

Big Time

Luxury modern furnished living room with oversized reading lamp with red pillows and a painting and patio doors leading to garden

We can bring an oversized armchair and lamps and play a trick with scale to give your small living room a spacious appearance. We can balance the light walls, window draperies, and upholstery to create an airy effect.

Shade of Gray

Transforming your living room’s focal wall is easy and fun. A shade of gray paint brings a lively contrast to the white floating shelves and all they exhibit. By reflecting the neutral palette of the sofa and rug, the gray wall will effectively complement your living room space while augmenting depth and interest.
Are you looking for the best living room decorating ideas for the coming year? We provide you with some of the best living room design ideas you’ll want to steal this year, especially for your new construction homes near Lake Anna.