No builder can ever guarantee that homes will withstand natural forces. The awesome power of Nature emerges in a myriad of unexpected ways. Yet today, advances in construction technology enable architects and contractors to assist customers more effectively. Many finely crafted dwellings display improved storm and flood resistance capabilities. It usually makes sound economic sense to ask a Waterfront Custom Home Builder to incorporate these innovations into man-made structures in the scenic Lake Anna Area.

Two Common Threats

Residents seeking new homes in Lake Anna VA remain especially alert for two weather-related issues impacting fine real estate: severe storms and flooding. Homes constructed on lake front lots offer the advantage of easy access to fun water activities. However, astute property owners also pay close attention to waterproofing concerns. As skilled Lake Anna custom home builders, we offer some important services to help reduce the threat posed by severe weather systems in this region.

Five Useful Building Waterproofing Tools

Five tips in particular prove useful for Waterfront Custom Home Builder clients. While individual circumstances vary, taking some of these steps may help enhance the storm resistance features of new homes in Lake Anna VA. We’ll work closely with you to help implement requested improvements:

1. Use Aggregate Rock (Rip-Rap) to Reduce Erosion

Harsh weather systems gradually wear away and degrade shore lines in many areas. Ask a Waterfront Custom Home Builder to assist you by installing layers of aggregate materials, or “rip-rap”, along vulnerable lakefronts. We consult with customers to optimize both the anti-erosion effects and the aesthetic qualities of this modification.

riprap wall

2. Install Attractive Seawalls Along Lake Front Properties

Similarly, to reduce flooding risks in some locations, property owners may discover advantages in obtaining seawall construction services. This measure may also help minimize the risk of destructive erosion. We build attractive seawalls using a variety of materials, including stone or logs.

3. Apply Sealants And Waterproofing Membranes

Some important waterproofing measures helps provide a barrier against water seeping into basements and low-lying areas of a residence. Builders may add high quality sealants around doors and windows in these locations to reinforce water resistance. Additionally, applying waterproofing membranes to protect foundations and basement walls often holds value in preventing rain or flood waters from penetrating into the interior of a home.

4. Elevate Waterfront Homes in Flood Plains

If your home lies in a flood plain, you may discover water-resistant benefits in elevating it onto concrete pillars or platforms. Ask an experienced Waterfront Custom Home Builder to offer assistance with this type of complex project. Recently, scientists have discovered a number of advantages in using this technique in locations subject to significant flooding, such as some Atlantic Coast beach fronts.

5. Use Concrete to Instill Enhanced Wind Resistance

Recent research conducted by the Insurance Institute For Business And Home Safety and other organizations highlights the value of concrete as a construction material. During storms, strong gusts sometimes transport heavy debris into man-made structures. Maintaining concrete reinforced walls prove useful in withstanding these impacts.

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