Living on the lake is unlike anything else. It allows you to enjoy stunning waterfront views and access to swimming, boating, and fishing any time you choose. Since lakefront living is a unique experience, shouldn’t your home be unique as well? The most attractive new homes on Lake Anna VA all have one common theme. They’re designed around the lake! To build the perfect lake house takes a clear design vision and a reputable waterfront custom home builder. So let’s get started. Here are some tips to get you thinking about the unique opportunities living on the lake offers.

Remember — It’s About the Water

When you choose to build on the lake you want to design around your lot’s primary feature — the water! It’s a good idea to check local zoning laws before committing to a particular lot. For instance, can you install a dock or a beach? A knowledgeable waterfront custom Home builder will be able to answer these questions for you. Does your lot have views? Make sure you can situate your new home in a location that takes advantage of them. And don’t forget, you’re living on the lake. This means kayaks, canoes and water toys. Your lake home should incorporate storage space for all of these.

Keep he Lake In Mind When You Design

The lake is your overriding theme and should be considered as you design your home. The water toys we mentioned earlier need to be stored during the winter. Should you build storage attached to the house or detached and out of site? Work with your waterfront custom Home builder to make the best choice for your situation.

Also, a mudroom — or more appropriately a sandroom — is essential to new homes on Lake Anna VA. It will prevent beach sand from being tracked into your home by creating a dedicated space for you to remove your shoes and keep outdoor gear neatly stowed. Speaking of sand, consider a shower in this room. It’s a smart addition that will let you spray down sandy feet and pets after a day of fun on the water. Lake Anna custom home builders can offer practical design ideas such as helping you select an appropriate flooring material for this room.

Let the Outside In

Lake homes often blend indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. One of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors into your new home is to maximize lake views with larger windows. Lake Anna custom home builders can offer you lots of choices when it comes to windows and will make suggestions based on your design ideas.
In addition to large windows, consider creating covered outdoor spaces that can blend beautifully into outdoor patios or decks and bridge the transition from inside to outside.

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Choose Pier Appeal Over Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is an important aspect for most modern suburban homes, but at the lake it’s pier appeal that counts. At a waterfront home, you spend your time on the lake side of the house, so maximizing the appeal of this space takes precedence. Spend time making this area of the house as attractive as possible. The right waterfront custom Home builder will help you consider all aspects of your home’s exterior and how it interacts with your lot. Landscape the lakeside as if it were your front yard. Additionally, lake houses should have all of their important rooms — kitchen, dining, living and master bedroom facing the water.

Start Enjoying Lake Life Today

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