Almost every room in your house has a designated purpose. The kitchen is for cooking. The bathroom is for bathing. The bedroom is for sleeping. The bonus room is for…what? Having a room that doesn’t have an automatic purpose can be confusing. What do you do with it? And if you are working with Sacra Custom Homes, a Lake Anna custom home builder to build a custom home, why have one?

Bonus rooms actually offer you a ton of flexibility now and well into the future. Let’s look at how you can use such a space in Sacra Custom Homes’s new construction homes near Lake Anna.

#1 Homework space

As your child progresses through school, the amount of homework they need to do is going to grow. Having a designated space with plenty of desk space and computer access is the perfect option. It’s a place where distractions are minimal and work can get done.

home office

#2 Home office

If you own your own business or need to work from home a lot, a designated home office is essential. A bonus space can easily convert into a home office. Make sure it has a strong Internet connection, add a desk and a comfortable chair, and close the door. Get the work done. Get the bonus space you need in the new homes Lake Anna VA residents have built by Sacra Custom Homes.

#3 Gaming room

For those who love to game, a room set aside for monitors, gaming equipment, and comfortable seating is heaven. There’re no distractions and plenty of space for all the accessories and fun.

#4 Music room

If you love to play guitar or just want a place to enjoy your favorite tunes, a bonus room is the spot to get set up in new construction homes near Lake Anna. Install quality amplifiers or speakers. Add some comfortable seating. Put up some storage for instruments or your CD collection.

craft room

#5 Hobby and craft room

Scrapbooking, sewing, and painting are just a few hobbies that work well in a bonus room. Put a few tables in the middle of the room to work on. Add storage and shelves on the perimeter of the room to keep everything organized.

#6 Teen hangout

When your kids grow older, they are not going to want to hang out with their friends in the living room. A teen hangout space lets your kids enjoy their friends without parents interfering. It’s a great bonus room use in new construction homes near Lake Anna.

#7 Home Gym

Whether you are a regular gym rat or just getting into fitness, having a dedicated space at home for workouts is perfect. You don’t need to go to the gym every day, just walk down the hall and work out. Invest in decent equipment and drop your gym membership.

Changing the Space As Your Needs Change

Life never stays the same. Your kids may need a play room right now. That play room can become a homework area or teen hangout space in a few years. You may want a gaming room right now, but it’s easy to switch it over to a home theater or a hobby room if your focus changes. You can do it in the new homes Lake Anna VA residents have built by Sacra Custom Homes.

A lot of new construction homes near Lake Anna have bonus space included in their floor plans. It offers you, and future homeowners, flexibility in how to use the space as their needs change. If you want to learn more about Lake Anna custom home builders, contact Sacra Custom Homes today.