Lake Anna custom home builders offer many amenities for new or experienced homeowners to choose from in creating their dream home. However, preparing to move into a new space can be a challenge for even the most experienced homeowners. Sacra Custom Homes understands the concern and we are here to help you make the process more enjoyable. Read on to learn how to prepare for your next move.


The first part of any move is probably the most difficult for most people. It is important not to carry any excess baggage to your new custom home. Clearing out closets, attics, and basements is a great first step to decluttering and preparing for a move into one of the new construction homes near Lake Anna, VA.

trash bag filled with clothes

Things To Toss

Homeowners typically hold nostalgia toward some of their personal belongings, which makes it difficult to let go of material items. Our experts at Sacra Custom Homes recommend tossing old clothing and accessories that have not been used for more than six months. Household items that are in disrepair or infrequently used should also be donated, sold, or recycled.

Any items that you are particularly fond of or simply cannot part with should be set aside for review. Revisit about a week or two prior to your move and if you still want to take it with you, find space for it in an appropriately marked box.

Things To Keep

Of course it is necessary to keep some items of value, whether sentimental or monetary. New construction homes near Lake Anna are filled with personal belongings that demonstrate the history and personality of their inhabitants.

Your family should definitely keep pertinent paperwork, photos, and equipment that is frequently used. Seasonal items that are likely to be used within the next several months should be labeled and stored prior to the move. New homes Lake Anna VA offer many recreational opportunities, so save the watersport and fishing gear!


To create a smooth transition into the new homes Lake Anna VA it is important to organize as much as possible and as far in advance of the move as you can. This means purchasing boxes, packing tape, and markers in preparation of the packing phase. Sacra Custom Homes offers new construction homes near Lake Anna VA and wants to help you organize for your upcoming move.

packing box for a new house

Packing Tips

Leave specialty items such as pianos to the experts. When feasible, dismantling can be done beforehand for any large equipment, patio furniture, grills, and bedroom suites. Do not underestimate the impact of labeling boxes for movers.

Putting the destination room on the label is a huge time saver for Lake Anna custom home builders and their preferred moving and storage companies. When possible, have the movers or your support system put the clearly labeled boxes directly into the room where they will be used. You can even label boxes according to the priority of the contents.

For example, if you will not be needing those holiday decorations for another several months, mark the box with a down arrow or a high number. Boxes of toiletries that are used everyday should be marked with an up arrow, asterisk, or a low number.

Any of the new construction homes near Lake Anna promise pristine living conditions in a relaxing and natural setting. The views are spectacular and the neighborhoods are impeccably maintained. Call Sacra Custom Homes today for a tour of the new homes Lake Anna VA and find your dream home!