Flowering Trees for Spring

Living in Virginia provides many opportunities to plant beautiful flowering trees. In fact, the spring in Virginia is the perfect place for blooms to explode. In order to ensure that your landscape near Lake Anna includes the perfect flowering tree, you have great options to choose from. In fact, when you get a hold of Sacra Custom Homes, we’ll ensure that your landscape design and installation include the best trees for the Virginian climate, such as the six listed below.

1. The Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree

With the Virginia landscape being the perfect place for spring flowering trees, the first to show its beauty is the Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree. At a height of 15 feet, the locations for planting are unlimited. They can be planted in a row next to structures without worrying about taking up space or bordering the edge of your landscape. When planted, you will easily fall in love with their beauty as they make the perfect focal point of any garden. With the Weeping Cherry being full of white blooms, the tree gives off the appearance of a frozen fountain.

2. The Tulip Poplar

Beautiful Tulip tree called Tulip Poplar in spring

As a state tree, the Tulip Poplar is a great example of beauty. It is considered a unique tree for the east coast and is miniature as compared to the full-size version.

With it being smaller, visitors are able to view your home easily. Plus, there are many other advantages of having a small tree once it is planted.

3. The Summer Splash Dogwood

Having a Dogwood tree is a great way to enjoy spring through its ability to share its white blooms in abundance as they prepare variegated foliage for summer. Its color is unique regardless of the season, unlike other varieties of Dogwood.

This spring and when summer comes around, our custom home builders in Lake Anna will ensure that the flowers will bloom on a monthly basis, which is a first for this Summer Splash variety of Dogwood.

4. The Eastern Redbud

The blossoms of the Eastern Redbud are delicate and rose pink colors that burst to express their colors. The tree’s blooms require no maintenance, the branch separate, and the trunk is branched, which are unique characteristics of the Eastern Redbud. With your landscape near Lake Anna, it allows you to enjoy a low-maintenance tree in any part of the yard. With the ability to grow in any soil type, the Redbud is a hassle-free tree that is an ideal variety for all gardens because of its minimal amount of care.

5. The Red Heart Rose of Sharon

This tree has branches that are upright, strong, and with unique blooms that your garden will love as it keeps your landscape design and installation near Lake Anna elevated. With colors that are the most vibrant, the Red Heart Rose makes a statement as you incorporate it into your landscaping.

Its white flowers consist of centers that are red/yellow which provide a nice contrast with the foliage. With a good amount of tolerance for pollution, the Red Heart Rose can be planted wherever you like and easily enhances a home’s overall appeal.

6. The Carolina Sweetheart

Carolina Sweetheart tree with nice colorful leaves

When you have a professional custom home builder in Lake Anna plant your Carolina Sweetheart, you will quickly enjoy its array of colors by the time spring ends. Its foliage grows constantly and includes many vibrant layers of color. The benefits are equal to those of an Eastern Redbud but the tree provides its colors in a completely new way.

The Sweetheart’s bloom is pink and easily welcomes spring as it offers a deep tone of purple as new leaves emerge. Its foliage is full and provides a good amount of volume as it turns pink, green, and white as time goes on. The Carolina Sweetheart is a great centerpiece for any part of the yard and does well with other trees or by itself. So if you want neighbors to talk about how beautiful your trees are, then planting a Carolina Sweetheart Redbud will be a good choice.

When you are in search of great trees for your Virginia home, the options listed above are a great choice when you are in need of landscape design and installation near Lake Anna. When you get a hold of our custom home builders in Lake Anna, we’ll get your trees planted as soon as you schedule it. Give us a call now to get started.