As you make plans to build your new custom home, now is the perfect time to add your own take on entertaining features. It’s much easier to include features like these in the original floor plan than it is to add them later. Here are a few entertainment areas to consider incorporating into your new home.

Home Theater
  • Televisions are found in virtually every room of our homes. But having a room dedicated to watching movies, sporting events or even binge-watching TV series is a definite plus if you entertain frequently. The room can be wrapped in acoustic materials that make the soundtrack similar to a movie theater without invading other areas of the house.
  • Luxury seating, usually fixed to the floor, can accommodate a small party or a large one. If you routinely hold large parties, you could even create the look of an actual small theater.
  • Don’t forget to add a popcorn machine and a small bar area for liquid refreshments.
home theater
Luxury Pool Area

Swimming Pool

There are so many custom pool features you can incorporate into your new construction. Waterfalls, a disappearing edge pool, or dual pools, one with hot water and one kept at the ambient air temperature. You can also incorporate slides, diving boards, or fountains with color-changing LED lights.

Spa or Hot Tub

Installing an in-ground spa or above-ground hot tub is a welcome addition to any luxury pool area. You can put them right next to the swimming pool or in their own area. A changing cabana between the pool area and the spa area is a nice touch.

Outdoor Dining Area

Be sure to include an outdoor dining area large enough to accommodate your family and guests. Nothing says luxury like pool-side dining. For the ultimate in outdoor dining experience, add a fireplace and an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the dining area for a complete outdoor entertainment complex.

Industrial Kitchen

If you regularly host dinner parties, an industrial kitchen can be the hub of the party. If you are casually entertaining friends or relatives, the kitchen will be large and well-equipped enough to accommodate your guests with plenty of room for the cooks. If you are hosting a formal dinner party, an industrial kitchen will be welcomed and fully utilized by a caterer or a hired professional chef.

Game Room for All Ages

Go all out in planning a game room for your newly-built custom home. Include a pool table, Foosball table, billiards, ping pong or any other tabletop game you enjoy. If you’re into playing cards or gambling, include a card table, craps table or roulette wheel. Scatter a few old-time arcade-style video game machines like Pac Man or Tetris. You could create a pinball tournament with an electronic or old-style mechanical pinball table. Don’t forget darts, if you have a place for the board and room to safely throw the darts. A final touch would be several small televisions, each with their own video gaming deck. This will keep the kids busy holding video game tournaments.

game room in house

Wine Room

If you’re a wine connoisseur, or if you just like wine, create a showpiece wine room. Add LED lighting that highlights the bottles without adding extra heat. Install shelving made of traditional redwood or any other hardwood that suits your fancy. Stainless steel, glass or acrylic reflect light and add sparkle. You can even include a seating area for impromptu tastings.

Adding custom features for entertaining in your newly-build home can make you a perfect host and provide luxury and comfort for you and your guests.