As the busiest room in most homes, the kitchen has always been a place for new ideas. From the first electrical appliances right up to the amazing innovations of today, designers and contractors have fueled the evolution of the kitchen to meet the needs of homeowners. Some features are intended to save water and energy. Others seek to make the kitchen more efficient. Still others help the chefs of the family create gourmet meals with the latest equipment.

For new construction homes near Lake Anna, all of these possibilities are on the table, so to speak. If you are planning a new custom kitchen for a renovation or new construction, we can provide all the options you’ll ever want. Here are some features to think about if you’re building one of Lake Anna custom homes.

designing custom kitchen

1. An Indoor Grill
Grilling is a very popular way to prepare food. It gives a great flavor, a unique look, and a healthier outcome. The only problem is that Virginia isn’t always warm enough or dry enough to head outside to the gas or charcoal grill. The best custom home builders Lake Anna can include a grill right in the kitchen, with all the benefits of its outdoor cousin and none of the worries about bad weather, darkness, or running out of gas.

2. Overhead Cookware & Utensil Storage
There seems to be nothing harder to store than skillets, saucepans, and large utensils. At the same time, there is always space overhead that is not fully utilized. Great Lake Anna custom homes can put that space to use with an overhead utensil storage space. Things can be hung above an island or counter area, saving space in cabinets and creating a really professional look for the kitchen.

3. Functional Islands
When kitchen islands first came along, they were basically bonus countertop and cabinet space. Eventually, custom home builders Lake Anna and their colleagues across the country began to add other features. Now many islands are wired with extra receptacles, plumbed with a secondary sink, and elevated to provide a secondary eating space. What was once an afterthought has now become a great functional feature in new construction homes near Lake Anna, Spotsylvania, and surrounding areas.

4. Targeted Lighting
Standard ceiling fixtures can only do so much to illuminate the kitchen. It seems like they always leave you casting a shadow over what you’re doing. You may also have a hard time finding things or reading recipes. A great way to deal with this is to have custom lighting installed. We can place bright fixtures under and inside your cabinets, providing lighting in the places you need it most.

5. Customized Cabinets
Basic kitchen cabinets are sized based on the available space instead of on what will actually be inside them. The result is a struggle to find the right place to put oversized items like cookie sheets and slow cookers. We can provide customized cabinet configurations to accommodate even the most unusual contents.

You have many custom home builders Lake Anna to choose from. What separates Sacra Custom Homes from the rest is the innovation we include in our projects. When you choose to work with us for your new home, we’ll come to the table with lots of innovative ideas to make your custom kitchen the perfect space for your family’s cooking and dining.

We’ve built that knowledge base from almost 30 years, standing out among custom home builders Lake Anna. Our previous customers can tell you how beautifully their projects have turned out. Fill out our convenient online form or call 540-582-2397.