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Why You Should Live at Lake Anna

If you are looking to retire or escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Lake Anna, Virginia, is the Idyllic paradise you’ve been waiting to own. Conveniently located right off I-95, it is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from metropolises like Richmond, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate ourselves to being the best custom home builders at Lake Anna Virginia.

Everyone who is working hard deserves a little slice of heaven to relax. The hidden name of Lake Anna State Park is “Golden Hill,” a nod to the former Goldwin Gold Mine that set up its operations here back in the heyday. For many, Lake Anna is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow they’ve been dreaming about. And when you find such an untarnished Garden of Eden in nature, you find yourself wishing for a dream home to define the experience. Friends and family are the most important element of life. When you have the foundation to bring everyone together regularly for a special treat, a vacation at your dream home, and mix with well-to-do people at the local country clubs, that is what life is really about.

Investing in a home of this caliber is a privilege in itself. No longer will you lower your standards and compromise. If you are looking for one of the best places to live in the Virginia/DC area, this is it. Whether you are able to live here during your retirement, in your younger years, or simply when it is time for vacation, nothing beats lakefront property. A lake that is alive and not contaminated with algae blooms or overfishing is becoming rare in modern America. You will never be vexed by city smog, noise pollution, and organized crime when you are living in a wonderful paradise on earth.

Buying v. Building

While it may be useful to look at some examples of lakefront homes to get an idea of what you can build, the best properties are not for sale. Many prospects to the site have the wisdom to invest in a new home rather than searching endlessly for the dream home with the ideal mix of virtues.

The process begins by visiting this great area or returning for some more in-depth inspections of the lakefront lots available. These lots for building new single family homes come in a wide range of prices. If Lake Anna looks like the right class for your new home builders project and a great place to park your money, then the sky is the limit to what you might be able to build with a guarantee on the property values only increasing over time.

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Professional Game Fishing

Sacra Custom Homes (the premier custom home builders Lake Anna) features the new home builders you need to help you assess your options. They will sit down with you and discuss the realities of building new single family homes and vacation homes on the Lake Anna waterfront. The biggest draw for many is being able to take advantage of premier large fish angling on the east coast. Lake Anna is known for its abundance of largemouth bass and thirty other species of game fish including, channel catfish, striped bass, walleye, bluegill, black crappie, and white perch.

people kayaking on lake


People also flock to Lake Anna to take advantage of the water sports. Whether its a canoe race, powerboating, water skiing, jet skiing, or paddleboard yoga, you will find amusement on a daily basis with your water toys at Lake Anna. Many people buy boats and live too far away from a placid lake to thoroughly enjoy them. Sacra Custom Homes (the premier custom home builders Lake Anna) does whatever it takes to make new home builders happy with their investment.

State Park and Golf Courses Nearby

Whether you would like a boathouse or dock on your property, the sky is the limit when you are working with a well-versed construction company like Custom Home Builders Lake Anna. Although there are golf courses nearby and a wonderful state park with miles of beaches to unwind, Sacra Custom Homes  (custom home builders in Lake Anna) has the vision to develop every element of your dream home in one centralized location. We provide prospects with the strongest incentives to move into the area by focusing on convenience and customization.

Earn Vacation Revenue

Sacra Custom Homes as custom home builders in Lake Anna even have the foresight to imagine how you can earn extra vacation revenue with your vacation home when you are away. Tourists today prefer to book private homes for their vacations. When it comes to showing off their status and entertaining their beloved guests at Lake Anna, you can bet that the market will continue to increase every year. The demand for elegant vacation rentals continues to increase exponentially across the globe. We (the premier custom home builders Lake Anna) have the years of dedicated experience to develop the long-term value of your home.

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A Safe Low-Maintenance Investment

The great thing about Lake Anna is that you won’t be getting hammered with tropical storms and hurricanes every season. The Florida coast properties that are so popular with snowbirds and retirees are also precarious grounds for many to actually invest in if they want to pass down property into the family. The upkeep to maintain a Lake Anna home is very minimal in comparison. The new single family homes that we are developing in this region are affordable for a wide range of builders and certain to only rise in value as a very safe investment.

Other Outdoor Nature Activities

People love the nearby park for the hiking, the miles of trails, the horseback riding adventures, and all the coolness that the lake provides in the summer. You will never feel bored when you live at Lake Anna because meeting new and interesting people at the country club golf courses or waterfront are always options. We ( as custom home builders in Lake Anna) know all the great virtues of the Lake Anna area and will be happy to show prospective builders what is possible.

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Living the Dream

If you are in the market for a new dream home, Lake Anna is the place to park your money. Cash depreciates too quickly due to inflation. If you invest in regal lakefront property that is certain to increase in value every year, you won’t ever regret it. Not only will you be passing down a family legacy of traditions you develop at Lake Anna, but your dreams will reach the pinnacle of serenity and tranquility that is virtually non-existent in America today. Contact Sacra Custom Homes (the premier custom home builders Lake Anna) to build your dreams into reality.