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Tram Systems at Lake Anna


Tram Systems

Welcome to the dream of hillside living. With the best built incline elevator system available today, you’ll enjoy safety, flexibility, reliability and value. Not only will your incline elevator give your friends and family, regardless of age or ability, easy access to your hillside property, you can rest assured it’s a safe and solid investment.

Engineering. Your incline elevator will be engineered specifically for your unique hillside property. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, it will be manufactured to meet your use and load capacity needs, while seemlessly blending into the natural surroundings.

Reliability. Your incline elevator will be installed by factory trained and certified crews with years of experience working all types of environments and terrains. The result is a perfectly tailored installation for maximum strength and durability.

Service. Once your installation is complete, you will be automatically added to our service list. Each year you will be offered a complete service inspection and safety test for a minimal charge. We will make sure your lift is running smoothly and safely year after year. Our full time staff is also available for your year around questions.

Flexible design options and accessories:

  • Custom colors
  • Carriage canopy
  • Wheelchair doors
  • Floating bridge to accommodate fluctuating water levels
  • Stainless steel rail and cable for saltwater applications
  • Carriage/cab lighting
  • Self-leveling systems
  • Aluminum power unit covers
  • Safety gates
  • Safety switches, door interlocks
  • Custom carriage designs
  • Enclosed, heated cabs
  • Automatic cab doors
  • Double cable drive systems
  • Energy chains (hard wire carriage)
  • Landings, stairway systems
  • PLC system
  • Phone/communication system

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