The day is here! After months of designing and planning your new custom home in Fredericksburg, Lake Anna or anywhere else in the surrounding counties, you can finally move into the house of your dreams! But before moving in, you have to do A LOT more things.

So, how do you prepare for your big move?

packing boxes

Depending on your budget, you might hire movers to do all the heavy work. But regardless if you do or not, you still have to go through the time-consuming task of packing every single thing. So our first tip is to:

  1. Begin your packing 8-6 weeks before your move. With a new home comes new responsibilities. In addition, you practically have to change your address everywhere and of course, change the utilities.
  2. Prepare a binder with things that you need in regards to your move like personal documents so that they don’t get lost during the move.
  3. Be sure to have packing equipment; which means that you should be taking a trip to the store to get enough packing boxes, tape, etc.
  4. Start the packing process by looking at your closet and deciding what you don’t want. Make a pile of what you will donate and what you want to sell.
  5. Pack items that you don’t use every day first, such as seasonal decorations.
  6. Get a labeling system going. How are you packing things? By room? Or objects? Once you figure that out, remember to label all of your boxes.
  7. While you can protect fragile items by using bubble wrap and packing paper, you can also use blankets.
  8. When you’re packing your toiletries (which should be one of the last things you do) such as shampoo and lotion, unscrew the top of the bottle, wrap it in saran wrap and screw the bottle back up. This will diminish the chances of any liquids leaking.
  9. Stop buying groceries a week before moving, so you don’t have to throw away food.
  10. Aside from boxes and bags, use your storage or laundry bins to use. Pack as many things as you can in it (if it’s breakable-wrap it up).

As we stated before, during this chaos of moving you will still have to do other things like changing your address everywhere and even change your children’s schools. But once everything has settled down, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new house provided by Sacra Custom Homes!

new house