As a custom home builder in Lake Anna, we build a lot of two-story homes. While two-story homes are pretty popular and the standard when it comes to a spacious home, one level homes should not be forgotten. While you can gain more space with a two-level home, you are still able to have a big house with only one level. It all has to do with planning the space the right way.

When you hire Sacra Custom Homes as your custom home builder in Lake Anna, we will plan and design so that your one level home has plenty of space. If you are still unsure about one level living, consider some of these benefits.

Benefits of One Level Living

  1. Handicap accessible: Having everything in one floor will make your home more accessible to family members or friends who are in a wheelchair or have difficulty going up the stairs. And if you plan on living in this house for a long time, or even in your old age, having a house with no stairs will make it for easier living and fewer accidents.
  2. Safer: As mentioned above, having a home with no stairs decreases the chances of accidents. You don’t have to be older to fall down the stairs; it could happen to anyone. So while stairs are beautiful, if you are looking to decrease accidents, you can as us as your custom home builder in Lake Anna to build the perfect one level home. wooden stairs
  3. Energy-efficient: Homes that are one story are easier to heat and cool. This means that your energy bills will be lower and you won’t have to worry about having a cold downstairs and a warm upstairs.
  4. Supervision: It’s easier to supervise your children in a one level home. You can walk to another room quicker than it is going up the stairs and into their room.
  5. Less of a pain: Going up and down the stairs to get even the smallest of things can be a drag. You won’t have to do that in a one level home built by Sacra Custom Homes, your custom home builder in Lake Anna. hand on stair railing

Sacra Custom Homes can make one level living safe, comfortable and beautiful. If you are looking for a custom home builder in Lake Anna, call Sacra Custom Homes at 540-582-2397.

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