With fall quickly approaching, cooler temperatures and falling leaves put us in the mood for apple picking and hot cider, but as the seasons change, so do your home’s needs. Summer is not quite over, and now is the perfect time to hire a professional in landscape design and installation near Lake Anna to get some seasonal maintenance done. Your home needs attention, but don’t overlook your landscaping and hardscaping. Gardens, lawns, patios, outdoor bars and fireplaces, and custom outdoor kitchens all benefit from seasonal care and maintenance.

Here are some “must-do” items to add to your autumn checklist:

Check Your Roof

You don’t have to get on a ladder, but you should do a visual inspection of your roof from the ground. Look for missing or damaged shingles. Do any appear loose or broken? If so, you may want to have them checked before the snow flies. Does your home have a flat roof? In that case, you may need to remove leaves and debris.

For a better look, grab a pair of binoculars, and try to get eyes on from many different angles. If you see a problem, contact a professional to help you resolve it.

Clean Your Gutters And Check Water Drainage

As autumn approaches, so do more rain and snow which leads to wear and tear on your home’s gutters and water drainage system. But, gutters aren’t always easy to inspect and clean. In most cases hiring a professional who specializes in landscape design and installation near Lake Anna is the smart choice to help you clear your gutters and make necessary repairs. They’ll remove leaves, nests, and debris and clear any obstructions from rainwater downspouts. They can also direct water runoff away from your home’s foundation, walkways, and driveway.

leaves in gutters

Service Your Irrigation System

Cold weather can wreak havoc to things you may not always think of — like your lawn’s irrigation system. It’s a good idea to have your system drained to prevent freezing during low winter temperatures. Have the system checked and any necessary repairs made and you will enjoy hassle-free usage next spring!

Prune Landscaping And Trees

Professionals in landscape design and installation near Lake Anna like Sacra Custom Homes can help you cut back bushes and shrubs remove annuals and trim perennials. Trees should be checked for damaged or broken limbs that may create problems when weighted with heavy snow. Limbs that are too close to power lines or your roof should be removed.

Inspect Walls And Walkways

Weather is hard on everything and landscapes and hardscapes are no exception. Retaining walls and paver walkways need care and maintenance like everything else. Over time, rain, snow, and ice along with freezing or hot temperatures work to break down stonework. Having your home’s walkways and retaining walls inspected and repaired will make sure each remains solidly in place and looks beautiful. Fall is also a great time to make upgrades! Why not add that patio or outdoor bar you’ve always wanted? Want something more impressive? Let Sacra Custom Homes’ experts design and install an entire outdoor kitchen! We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the preferred choice in Fredericksburg for landscape and hardscape design and installation. We’ll make your home’s outdoor areas the best they can be!

raking leaves

Remove Fallen Leaves

Let’s face it, cleaning up leaves is a hassle. Hiring a professional to complete this task quickly and efficiently is always a smart move. They’ll rake leaves and branches from your yard and place them into a compost pile or dispose of them for you. This is one job you’ll be glad you hired out!

Don’t Wait Too Long

This time of year professionals in landscape design and installation near Lake Anna book up fast. Planning ahead will ensure your home gets the maintenance it needs before it gets too cold to act. If you’re in Fredericksburg, Stafford, King George, or anywhere in northeastern Virginia, contact Sacra Custom Homes for your seasonal maintenance or landscape and hardscape design and installation. Check us out at www.SacraCustomHomes.com, or give us a call at 540-582-2397. We’ll answer your questions and help you make smart decisions for your home as we head into cooler weather.