If you’re a boat owner, chances are you know how important taking good care of your boat and boat accessories is. One of the most important aspects of keeping your boat healthy and happy is being able to store your boat undercover. Fortunately, we understand this and can help you design the boathouse of your dreams. Of course, there are also many other benefits to having a custom boathouse.


Enhances curb – or shore – appeal:

Chances are you’ve seen some pretty nifty looking custom boathouses near Lake Anna. If you’re interested in having a beautifully constructed boathouse that can significantly help boost the shore value of your home, we can work with you to help you design the boathouse of your dreams. Whether you want your custom boathouse to match your home perfectly, or blend in well with the other marine construction on Lake Anna, Sacra Custom Homes will work with you to best meet your custom boathouse needs.

Designed for your boat:

If you’ve ever tried to fit your boat into someone else’s boathouse, you probably understand the importance of having a custom boathouse that is made specifically for your boat’s dimensions. By having a custom boathouse built, you can ensure that your boat fits absolutely perfectly into its new home. Sacra Custom Homes specializes in building custom boathouses near Lake Anna that are tailored specifically for you – and your boat’s – needs. We can design your custom boathouse in any dimension you desire.

people gathered together

Great for social gatherings:

As you’ve probably noticed as you’ve strolled around looking at other custom boathouses near Lake Anna, custom boathouses can be fantastic for social gatherings. When it comes to designing your custom boathouse, the options are endless, but below are just a few common options used for designing a custom boathouse for social gatherings:

  • Custom bar area: If you’ve always dreamed of designing your very own bar for entertaining, your custom boathouse located right on the water may be an excellent place to do so. You can enjoy cold – or hot – beverages right from your custom boathouse without having to take a step away from the water.
  • Entertainment area: Custom boathouses can be built to house outdoor entertainment areas. Whether you’re looking to install a big screen TV or something more modest, your custom boathouse can be built to accommodate it. Don’t want to miss that football game but also want to enjoy the lake? With an outdoor entertainment center in your custom boathouse, you don’t have to compromise.
  • Lounging area: If you seek a covered area on the water to enjoy chatting with friends, napping, or simply relaxing, you can add this area to your custom boathouse.

Regardless of what you want to use your custom boathouse for, the benefits of adding one to your property can greatly enhance your lake experience. Sacra Custom Homes specializes in marine construction on Lake Anna and can help you design and build your custom boathouses near Lake Anna. Don’t hesitate, reach out to us today so you can start the process of building your custom boathouse.