With everything that’s happened in 2020, it seems like 2021 can’t come fast enough. After a tough year that’s forced many of us to stay at home a lot more than we’re used to, the new year will be an opportunity to bring fresh ideas to our Lake Anna custom homes. Relaxing Zen ideas, and stylish approaches to home offices will be some of the hottest home design trends for 2021.

If you are considering new construction homes near Lake Anna, look for designs to focus more on purpose and functionality. Now that many of us are working from home, home offices are becoming highly prized and will be even more so in 2021. But remember, just because you’re designing for functionality, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. Contemporary designs can maximize function and maintain the stylish overtones you desire.

Here are 5 of the top home design trends for 2021 will include:

  • An increased blending of outdoors and indoors
  • Defining spaces inside
  • Increasing our homes’ Zen factor
  • Greater consideration for cleanliness
  • Building for future needs


zen office design

1. Blending outdoors with indoors

Today’s technical world has us staring at screens for large parts of our days. What’s missing is sunshine, blue sky, and a gentle breeze. To counteract this, custom home builders in Lake Anna are designing homes to maximize access to the outdoors however possible. Large windows, personal balconies, tiny terraces, or three-season rooms will all come into popularity. Even a simple skylight can let the sunshine into your home office.

2. Indoor spaces will get more defined

Custom home builders in Lake Anna will tell you that open-concept homes are very popular. But if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s not easy to get work done in a wide-open home where we’re constantly distracted by “at home” matters. Whether it’s the kids running around or the dishwasher grinding loudly away, it’s been tough to adjust as we all work and learn from home. Homes with defined spaces that separate work and play are the answer. As you plan, think of creative ways you can define spaces in your home, while still maintaining an open feel.

3. Increasing the Zen factor

As we head into 2021, it’s likely that we’ll all be spending more time at home. This will create increased demand for homes with features that were once considered luxuries. Home gyms will move beyond the simple treadmill in an unused bedroom and be purposefully designed into our Lake Anna custom homes. Wellness rooms with space for yoga and barre fitness (low impact medical exercise) will be on the rise. We’ll see more steam rooms, saunas, and meditation rooms. If we can’t travel, we’ll want more luxury at home.

4. Being more “clean conscious”

COVID-19 will have lasting effects on our group mindset. Look for homes in 2021 to include increased handwashing stations (such as tiny alcoves that contain sinks), along with more space purposefully designed for delivered packages and shoe storage. Experienced custom home builders in Lake Anna, like Sacra Custom Homes, will help you integrate these necessities into your home without killing your style.

5. Planning for an unpredictable future

Along with its other lessons, the pandemic has taught us that you never know what the future holds. 2021 home designs will reflect this uncertainty. We’ll see more houses designed with extra space. This could include an extra bay on a garage or a second master bedroom and bath. It may even mean designating space as an in-law apartment. Homes will be designed to accommodate extended families as more older people are unable to do essential tasks — like go to the grocery store. They’ll need to rely more heavily on younger family members to help them get these accomplished.

Let’s strategize!

No matter what your plans are as we head into 2021, these hot design trends should be on your horizon. You may not be able to take a vacation, but you can take design advice from custom home builders in Lake Anna. If you’re looking at new construction homes near Lake Anna, Sacra Custom Homes can help you design and build a home that meets all of your needs. Check us out online at SacraCustomHomes.com, or call us today at 540-582-2397. We’re ready to tackle your project and get you excited about the new year!