You can make your life easier and outdoor living more enjoyable when you have a well-maintained yard. You can do many things to enhance the beauty of your yard, including planting flowers and shrubs, installing a patio or a deck, or adding a fountain. Our experts offer advice on landscape design and installation near Lake Anna. The following are eight landscaping hacks for your dream yard.

1. Kill Weed Using Boiling Water

Most people do not know that they can use boiling water to kill weeds. If you are growing weeds, pour boiling water on them. This will kill the weeds, but it is important to make sure that the water does not contact your plants. After placing the boiling water on the weeds, wait for about 30 minutes before watering your plants again.

2. Install Artificial Grass for Your Dog to Play On

Fat cute Brown and white pit bull, less than a month old, on artificial grass in a yard learning to walk playing

Installing artificial turf in your yard is a good way to make it look pretty. You can also use this surface to play with your dog. You can get artificial grass for dogs made of synthetic fibers and designed for daily use. These artificial turf for dogs are safe for your pet and will not cause harm to the environment. You may contact our expert custom home builders in Lake Anna to advise you on the best turf to purchase.

3. Plant Some Flowers or Grass Over Your Septic Tank

If you have a septic tank located in your yard, you can plant some flowers and grass over the tank. This will camouflage the tank and make it look like it is not there. We can help you do the planting for you.

4. Prevent Flooding Using A Rain Garden

If you want to prevent flooding in your yard, you can use a rain garden. A rain garden is a collection of plants designed to absorb water and keep it out of your yard. Rain gardens are usually made of soil, stones, and plants. The plants in the rain garden help filter the water and absorb excess rainfall so that it does not enter your yard. For more information regarding rain gardens, reach out to our custom home builders in Lake Anna.

5. Use Bulbs to Make Year-Round Color

Plant bulbs are designed to bloom in the spring, summer, and fall. These bulbs will provide beautiful colors all year round. There are many different bulbs that you can choose from, including tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and many others.

6. Fill Pots with Flowers

Garden in summer with plants and Flowers in Pot

Adding flowers to your yard can give it a nice and fresh look. Place pots of flowers in different areas of your yard so that you have something to look at all year round. You can also place pots around your house to make it look like a garden. The benefit of having portable flowers in your yard is that you can move them to another area of your yard if they get damaged.

7. Edge Your Garden Using a Pine Board

A pine board is a great way to add natural beauty to your yard. A pine board is simply a straight piece of wood that you can use to edge your yard. You can place it in the ground and add mulch around it, or you can place it next to the side of your house. Contact us if you want professional landscape design and installation near Lake Anna.

8. Ensure Sloppy Areas Have Ground Covers

If you have a sloppy area in your yard, you need to ensure that it is covered while it is wet. You can do this by adding a few inches of mulch or wood chips to the area. When the grass starts to grow over the ground covers, it will help to keep the soil from becoming muddy and messy. You may hire us to perform landscape design and installation near Lake Anna.

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