Sacra Custom Homes are the leading Lake Anna custom home builders. We, therefore, know a thing or two about customizing your home to fit a theme. In this article, we will give you ideas for your Christmas decoration. We will help you bring your home to life in preparation for the festive season from the hall to the outdoors.

Lake Anna, Virginia, is a favorite vacationing spot for people living in the neighborhood. So, what’s special about Lake Anna, Virginia? Well, for starters, it is an ideal space for a solitary family gateway. If you are looking to host many people on Christmas, a spacious outdoor space will work best. The lake’s environment, beauty, and serenity allow you to get into the holiday mood and relax.

It is common for people to want to own a custom home after vacationing in this area. Should this be the result of this year’s Christmas vacation at Lake Anna, you can count on us for all your New Construction Homes near Lake Anna needs.

Since vacation is not an option for anyone, we understand some people prefer to spend Christmas with family and friends. Here is a list of ideas to decorate your house ahead of the festive season.

• Decorate the outdoor leading the hall

Your Christmas decoration should start from outside. You can light up the way leading to the house using decorative candles placed in a mason jar. The jar should be big enough to cover the candle from blowing off. Light from the candle will be enough to illuminate the path leading to the main house or hall.

If you are looking to secure a permanent home, our Custom Home Builders Lake Anna can help with your lighting fixtures for decorative and security purposes. Your lighting will serve you for more than one Christmas.

Porch or house entrance with red door with christmas decoration for holidays. Red and green wreath garland of fir tree branches and lights on railing

• Customize a garland for the door

Customize the regular green and red colors for Christmas by making a wreath from red berries and leaves. Good luck with people starting the feast from the door.

• Make a Snowman from Greeneries

Get out of your comfort zone and build a snowman who will not melt. Because we are looking at the longevity of the non-melting snowman, consider using wreaths in place of other kinds of vegetation. You can curve your snowman using wood then warp him up with a wreath to form a green, non-melting snowman.

• Sprinkle some snow on different decorations

If you are looking to maintain the Christmas tradition, then you know snow is a must-have. Scoop some snow and sprinkle it on the wreath and garland, among other decorations.
Speaking of snow, sometimes it can be too much, therefore, taking space for parking for you guest. If this is a common problem on Christmas, consider hiring our snow removal services. Other than being the best Custom Home Builders Lake Anna, we offer snow removal services to already existing homes

• Collect Miniatures.

You do not have to hang the famous Christmas stocking on the mantel. For a change, you can make a habit of collecting figurines to build a Christmas village. In addition, you can use this hack to incorporate some family traditions and meaningful miniatures into Christmas for that personified festive mood.

home grown plants in glass jars of water decorated with yellow, blue and pink balls for Christmas

• Have Plants inside the Hall

In the hallway, set up plants that are against the winter season. Consider having moss or princess pine. It helps the family and friends feel like they have moved into an entirely new world with a different season.

• Deck the Landscape

You do not have to purchase a Christmas tree, while we can help you with tree installation. As the trusted Custom Home Builders Lake Anna, we are interested in making sure you enjoy the best scenic outdoor. We recommend the best trees to plant around your lake Anna custom homes. With a live tree, you can decorate your landscape with cheap ornaments for many more Christmas holidays.

• Don’t forget the Bed Room and Guest Room

Adding a few decorations like a cozy white blanket, garland on the headboard will help to make a difference in your bedroom. Consider placing a bouquet of red roses and brownies dressed in red in the guest room for that holiday touch.

• Place Festive Pillows

Consider having a custom-made red and green pillow for watching your favorite Christmas movies

• Decorate a Tabletop Tree

Add a small Christmas tree to the table. Decorate it with edibles such as cookies, cranberries, and candy. Who doesn’t want more space for gifts from Santa?
Consider using these ideas this festive season. If you are looking to start on your New Construction Homes near Lake Anna projects, contact us today. Sacra custom homes is offering the best Custom Home Builders in Lake Anna Virginia.