As collective home buyers, we are increasingly drawn towards building our own homes as opposed to purchasing an existing one. This way, we can truly make the home our own. One of the increasingly popular trends in Lake Anna custom homes is the addition of a home solar system. Despite its growing popularity, many home buyers need to see the facts for themselves in order to feel as though they are making an informed decision. So, what are the benefits of a home solar system and why should we consider having one included in the plans provided by Sacra custom home builders in Lake Anna?

The Benefits Of Having A Solar Home

  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • A Higher Home Valuation
  • Energy Security
  • Reducing Emissions
  • Reducing Your Tax Liability

reduced energy bills

Reduced Energy Bills

Owning our own power generation source means buying fewer kilowatt-hours from the local utility. For every kilowatt-hour the system generates, this can be viewed as a savings equal to the cost we pay for electricity. Throughout the course of one year, the savings quickly start to add up. Over time, the system will pay for itself in the avoided cost of electricity alone. These reduced energy bills will leave more expendable income in the monthly budget and allow us to spend this money on other, more enjoyable things, or save it for the future.

A Higher Home Valuation

Part of building a new home is investing in the future. Lake Anna custom homes that also include a solar system are actually valued higher than similar homes without solar. This means that in the future if we should ever decide to sell our homes, the resale value will be higher than if we had avoided installing solar. In many cases, the increase in the value of the home is actually greater than the initial cost of the solar system.

Energy Security

Sacra custom home builders in Lake Anna gives homeowners the ability to be energy secure with the installation of solar. This is because solar can continue to operate even when the local grid has gone down. This means appliances can still be run, air conditioning can continue to operate, and phones can remain charged even when everyone else in the neighborhood may be out of power.

reducing emissions

Reducing Emissions

Homeowners all across the country are seeking to reduce their carbon emissions in an effort to preserve the environment for future generations. To address these demands, Sacra custom home builders of Lake Anna are including solar systems to power homes using carbon-free fuel. Unlike a local utility, which relies on fossil fuel-fired power plants, solar systems use the sun as fuel which requires absolutely no carbon emissions to generate electricity.

Reducing Your Tax Liability

The federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit for all qualifying costs associated with the installation of a solar system. Sacra custom home builders of Lake Anna can certainly help homeowners walk through the process of claiming this tax credit as it can save thousands of dollars and reduce the payback period for a solar system. New construction homes near Lake Anna that include a solar system will not only reduce tax burdens the following year from the federal government but may also qualify for state and local incentives.

New construction homes near Lake Anna are the perfect option for those looking to put their personal touch on their forever home. By also including a solar system in the design plans, we can immediately start reaping all of these benefits. Be sure to visit our website or give us a call today for more information!