Having a home that everyone can enjoy becomes a little more tricky when you have young children. Building a house is a big investment, and you want to have one that you’ll be happy with for years to come. What you need to make your home family friendly depends on whether or not you have children, and if you do, how old they are. Since your children will grow and need different things throughout the time that your family lives there, you need to have a house that can grow with them. It’s challenging to think of everything that a family might need as it expands and gets older, but choosing the right amount of space and the right materials will make a house more inviting for many family members, and new construction homes near Lake Anna are filled with family-friendly features.

Room to Grow

You’ll want plenty of space in your house to accommodate your family so that everyone is comfortable for many years. Two types of rooms that will help you have this space and comfort are enough bedrooms and bonus rooms.

two kids playing in bedroom


One of the most important features of a family-friendly home is one in which you’ll have plenty of room for your family to grow. This requires that you have somewhat of an idea of how many children you will have. For instance, if you still want to have another child, you’ll want to have at least one more bedroom. Lake Anna custom home builders can help you plan the house’s layout.

Bonus Room

Bonus rooms are a great place for your kids to keep their toys, and they can easily be converted into recreation rooms as your kids become teenagers. Recreation rooms are especially convenient to have for teenagers because you can have plenty of things for your kids to do in your own home, allowing you to keep a closer watch on your kids than if they had to go out to find things to do. New construction homes near Lake Anna can have bonus rooms for entertaining the kids and adults.


Being aware of which types of materials wear well when you have children will impact your satisfaction with your home over the long run. Most homeowners will be most happy with durable materials that also appeal to adult aesthetic tastes.

Family-Friendly Flooring

If you have small children, you’ll want to select flooring that will wear well but also provide the touch of sophistication that will appeal to the adults, too. For instance, if you love hardwood floors, you’ll want to pick a species that will be able to stand up to the constant wear that young children can place on it. Toddlers and young children often have toys with wheels, and children can bang on your floors with them. Don’t pick a soft species that will be easily marred. Instead, pick a harder species with a heavy grain so that your floors won’t be easily damaged and any harm that the floor does incur will be easily hidden in the graining. New construction homes near Lake Anna have a wide variety of flooring types to fit your needs.

Storage in the Mudroom

Many new homes in Lake Anna VA have mudrooms. These rooms are hardworking spaces, and they need to accommodate several people’s odds and ends. Make sure that you have plenty of storage that’s made of durable, easy-to-wash materials. For instance, you can have a bench with drawers underneath where shoes, hats, mittens, scarves, and more can be stored. This way, everything will be out of sight but within close reach when it’s time to go back outside. For the bench and drawers, choose a high-gloss paint so that you can easily wipe off any mud or debris that small feet drag in from outside. If you have a cushion, choose something like microfiber or wool. Both are easy to spot clean, and they’re durable. Or, if you want something that’s really easy to clean, cover the cushion in vinyl, which is one of the most durable and easy to clean materials available. Many new construction homes near Lake Anna have convenient mudrooms that’ll make your life easier.

If you’re looking for new homes in Lake Anna VA, Lake Anna custom home builders can help you build a family-friendly house that you’ll love and will meet your family’s needs for years to come. Call Sacra Custom Homes at (540) 582-2397 today to start planning your dream home.