Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home on the lake? You’re not alone. Living in a waterfront home is a truly unique experience. There’s little in life that compares to feeling a soft summer breeze swirl in off the lake or hearing the waves gently move against your very own shoreline.

But the benefits of owning a waterfront home don’t stop there. There are plenty of hidden perks you’ve probably never thought of. Let’s do a deep dive into some of the advantages of new homes in Lake Anna VA and discover why this may be the perfect time to work with a waterfront custom home builder to achieve your dream.

Peaceful, Relaxing Atmosphere

Living on the water is simply unlike anything else. That’s what makes new homes in Lake Anna VA so popular! No neighbors will be peering over the fence and into your backyard. Less traffic and pedestrian noise will bother you while you enjoy your property. You’ll just have simple peace and quiet.

And let’s not overlook the incredible water views that will feed your soul. The possibilities are endless, and the right waterfront custom home builder can help you maximize your property’s natural attributes and create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

woman on paddle board

Water Sports Whenever You Want

This is a giant perk! Living on the lake offers countless opportunities for recreational water sports. Boating, kayaking, and fishing are just some of the activities you’ll be able to enjoy whenever you choose. Perhaps you’re feeling more adventurous. How about snorkeling or scuba diving? You might even try stand-up paddle boarding!

But just because you are on the water, doesn’t mean the fun stops when you come ashore. Why not try beach volleyball or badminton? Perhaps you should consult Lake Anna custom home builders about installing or upgrading your dock. It’s tough to beat a lazy afternoon with a good book on your very own dock.

It’s A Great Investment

So far we’ve only discussed perks from your waterfront home that stem from you living there. But you should also think of your waterfront home as an investment. In fact, it has significant value in terms of real estate investment.

Many people dream of living on the water, but could never afford to do so. Talk with any waterfront custom home builder and they’ll tell you that waterfront rentals are very in-demand. This is especially true in summer, but spring and fall are also popular seasons for rentals. Listing your property as a rental destination is a fantastic way to create an additional stream of income, plus renting out your property now is a great way to have other people pay the mortgage before you retire and enjoy your home yourself.

The Lake Is A Destination

Remember, as a waterfront home owner you have what others want — a beautiful lakefront property. Why not consider hosting events at your home, so everyone can enjoy the water?

Be it a wedding, a family reunion, or a graduation party, people want to host these events in idyllic locations. Living on a lake allows you to benefit from the destination right in your own backyard. By offering your home as a venue, you can recoup some of your investment by allowing others to share your waterfront oasis. When building your home, consider talking with your waterfront custom home builder about the possibility of adding some event space.

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The Water Is Calling — Call Us Today

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