The setting you choose for your home is a big part of its overall beauty and your enjoyment. That’s the reason so many families building new homes in Lake Anna VA are choosing to build on property along the shores of the lake. If you’re considering this option, your first question should be how to choose a waterfront custom home builder. Here are some tips to help you get the right answer to that question.

Determine Their Level of Experience

With the construction of lots of new homes in Lake Anna VA, there are plenty of builders out there trying to break into the market. Make sure that the waterfront custom home builder you choose is not new to the game but instead has experience with local codes, knows local suppliers, and has a portfolio of completed lakefront projects to show you what you can expect from them.

Choosing a local builder matters. Communities like Lake Anna have a distinctive style, and if your home doesn’t match, it won’t fit in. Experienced builders will know that style and how to help your home blend in naturally.

Establish a Realistic Budget

Once you’ve settled on the location and design of your home, you’ll start asking each waterfront custom home builder for a price on the project. This can be tricky. The oldest trick in the book is to get a customer to commit based on a low-end price and then to nickel-and-dime them during the process.

Remember that the lowest price you are quoted up front will not necessarily be the lowest when all is said and done. Reputable Lake Anna custom home builders will put forth a price that’s reasonably in line with other quotes you receive. Somebody who comes in much lower will either make it up later–or will give you exactly what you paid for. In the case of home builders, a low price can definitely be too good to be true.

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Look for Professional Qualifications

Your home will be a major investment, and you only get one chance to build it right. You don’t want to encounter structural issues years down the road because of poor workmanship or substandard materials. Your builder must be reputable, with a local track record of building quality, durable homes.

It’s also important to make sure that your waterfront custom home builder is properly insured against mistakes and liability that could pose legal problems for you. Review the qualifications of your potential builders, including their insurance coverage, licenses, and certifications.

Require Progress Reports

Everyone enjoys checking on the progress of their new home, but not every new homeowner can visit daily. If you can only check in on your project every few days, you may see a disappointing level of progress but find yourself with few options for getting things back on track.

As you consider Lake Anna custom home builders, look for one that will keep you up to speed on how things are going. Create a timeline with the major benchmarks that need to be met and when they need to be met. Include those standards in the contract so that you have recourse if the builder doesn’t meet them.

Your waterfront home on Lake Anna can be a dream project for you and your family. Like any major project, though, there are potential problems out there that are easier to prevent than to repair. As you think about a waterfront custom home builder, we’re confident that you’ll find Sacra Custom Homes meets every single requirement. Contact us today to get started.

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