Welcome back to our blog! Today’s blog post is a list of helpful tips for boat owners. We are currently in the middle of hurricane season, and so far it has been pretty active. Although Virginia has not been at risk for a hurricane, we still have a couple of months to go before hurricane season is over. With that in mind, if you are a boat owner you might be in need of some guidance on what to do if a hurricane makes landfall in Virginia.

But no worries, we have compiled a list of hurricane preparation tips for you!

  • Strap It Down: When your boat is left ashore, make sure to strap it down to a secure anchor that is set in concrete or drilled into the ground. You want straps that have little or no stretch. Otherwise, your boat will rock back and forth sustaining damage.
  • Remove Objects: Don’t forget to remove the objects in the boat that might fly away. Bring any coolers, electronics, or cushions inside your home. boat owner
  • Add Security Lines: If you decide to leave your boat in the water, add extra security. You can add extra stout lines and chafe guards to keep your boat safe. Also, keep in mind that you should leave enough slack in the lines to account for the changes in the water level.
  • Floating Docks: Your boat has a better chance of avoiding damage if it’s strapped to a floating dock with tall pilings (16-18 ft tall). floating docks
  • Try A Dry-Stack Storage: If you can find any dry-stack facilities in the area, it is a good idea to give them a try. Many of these facilities can withstand strong hurricanes.

Also, remember to check your insurance policy and see what is covered. It’s always better to be overly prepared than not prepared at all.

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