Anyone who’s ever dreamed of having a beautiful boathouse might like to know there are plenty of ways to make this happen. In fact, consider hiring our marine construction on Lake Anna to build a fantastic boathouse. These ideas are exciting and best of all, there’s something for everyone.

Incredible Boathouse Design Ideas


Cottage Boathouse

If living in a house on land seems dull, a cottage boathouse might be a better fit. For one thing, make it stylish by adding phenomenal cottage decor such as open shelves to create relaxing storage spaces, a vintage table to play board games on, or a themed art wall to put hobbies on display. Further, personalizing each space can create comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Lake Boathouse

Those who are looking for custom boathouses near Lake Anna have plenty of options. For example, boathouses can be intricately designed, elegant, and breathtaking. Rather than settle for an ordinary home, imagine dining and socializing in a superior boathouse of immense proportions. A person’s ideal home can be brought to life by talking to the right professional.

Small Boathouse

Sky blue small boathouse in a middlle of a lake

Since not all boathouse lovers like large living environments, small can be the design of choice. But the fact that it’s tiny doesn’t make it any less noteworthy. Make it chic with home decor, build picturesque rooms or keep it simple and minimalistic.

Wooden Boathouse

The characteristics of wood can help create a healthy environment for a family. For instance, a wooden boathouse can increase warmth, tranquility, and comfort. Not only this, but this design can look splendid in a mountain environment. Marine construction on Lake Anna can be incredibly rewarding in various ways.

Beach Style Boathouse

Instead of heading to the beach, try spending time in a beach-inspired boathouse. All one has to do is put on a straw hat, slather on some sunscreen, and relax in a wicker chair outdoors. A few living room interior design ideas include driftwood accents, soft blue paint, stone-colored fabrics, and a sense of openness.

Traditional Boathouse

While traditional decor can be a bit stuffy, current designers like to freshen up this style by making it modern. From antique accents to elegant wallpaper, traditional can be fascinating without being overdone. Consider hiring a professional for custom boathouses near Lake Anna.

Modern Boathouse

Row of modern floating design houses or boathouses

Although many people probably don’t think of boathouses as modern, this design can be quite appealing. In particular, it can be an exceptional fit for someone who likes to be reminded of progress, the future, or city life. Combining the modernity of the city with the natural appeal of a boathouse can give one the perfect balance of city and country life.

Simple Boathouse

While some people desire luxury, others see beauty in simplicity. For this reason, a simple boathouse may be preferable. And if this design feels too plain, it can be enhanced by adding home decor and other design elements. Consider contacting an expert for custom boathouses near Lake Anna.

Other Boathouse Designs:

  • Rustic: Those who desire a cozy space filled with handmade decor might enjoy a rustic design.
  • Trendy: While trends may come and go, living in the moment can be invigorating.
  • Industrial: Raw functionality and a strong but simple aesthetic are the keys to industrial design.
  • Classic: Classic boathouses can be timeless, sophisticated, and inspiring.

Having a boathouse can motivate almost anyone to appreciate nature more, spend extra time with family and friends or relax in a comforting space. Our custom boathouses near Lake Anna can stand out on the water and be absolutely fabulous to live in. Build a dream boathouse with us!