We are experts in custom home construction in the Fredericksburg, Lake Anna, and the rest of the surrounding counties. Because we understand what it takes to make a beautiful home, we know that landscaping is vital to the exterior look of your property. Although a beautiful home stands for itself, the landscaping gives it an extra push. And that is why we offer our landscaping services to the surrounding communities; we love seeing a gorgeous home match its beautiful surroundings.

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If you aren’t convinced yet, how about checking out our 5 top reasons why landscaping is a MUST for your home:

  • Landscaping preserves nature. It’s rare to find a person that hates trees and flowers. For one, trees are vital to our survival. Trees remove the carbon monoxide from the air and provides us with oxygen. Landscaping preserves the nature that is already there; you will have butterflies visiting your beautiful home and trees covering you from the shade.
  • It enriches the community. Aside from providing the air with more oxygen, it provides your neighborhood with more beauty. If your neighborhood has strict rules for landscaping, then you will need to comply with them. But if it doesn’t, you are adding aesthetic appeal and unique style to your neighborhood with our beautiful landscaping designs.
  • It adds value to your home. This one is a HUGE reason why landscaping matters. Depending on the design of the landscaping, your home could be more energy-efficient which boosts your home value. But just based on landscaping that is pleasing to the eye, you could get a return from $20,000-$40,000. When a buyer is looking for a home, their first impression is the exterior. What the exterior of the home looks like, will most likely preview the inside of the house.
  • It looks GOOD. Having beautiful landscaping is just the cherry on top of an exquisite home. Just walking into your home and past your landscaping will cheer you up. If you have a porch or deck, then you get to enjoy the beauty of it when you spend time outside. Great landscaping sets the exterior ambience of your home.

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Good landscaping is art. The perfect landscape is planned and adds curb appeal. And we can achieve that for you. We provide a wide range of services from tree installation to irrigation. Call Sacra Custom Homes to increase the beauty of your perfect home.