Now that the holidays are in the rearview mirror and we have time to binge watch our favorite shows in front of the fireplace, maybe it’s time to take action on what you have been putting off. Let’s talk about why this is the perfect time to begin building your custom home. The beautiful blanket of snow we just received in northern Virginia means you aren’t tied up with mowing or trimming, and you can only watch so many episodes of NCIS. Let us consider the reasons why you should finally pull the trigger and begin the process by contacting Sacra Custom Home Builders about Lake Anna opportunities. New Construction Homes near Lake Anna are in a prime location for that at home relaxation vacation, and offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Sacra Custom Homes will help turn your ideas into reality, as they have done for so many others.

But why now?

There are several good reasons why this time of year is the perfect time to call Sacra Custom Home Builders about Lake Anna prime properties to get the ball rolling:

  1. You can take care of the front end while the snow flies and be ready to break ground in the spring.
  2. The process takes months and you can enjoy one of the New Construction Homes near Lake Anna this year.
  3. Outdoor construction tasks will be completed during optimal weather.
  4. There are tax benefits, namely being able to claim all the appropriate deductions.

signing paperwork for a new home

Use the cold weather to take care of up-front decisions and paperwork

While the ground is snow covered and frozen, you can select a building lot (if you don’t already have one) with the help of the friendly professionals at Sacra Custom Home Builders in Lake Anna. This is also the perfect time to discuss your needs, wants and budget and come up with the ultimate prize-winning design out of all the New Construction Homes near Lake Anna. Secure your financing, sign some papers, and all should be in readiness when spring comes.

By the time Santa comes, your new chimney will be ready for him

By utilizing the winter months for the front end, you ensure that you have a very good chance to deck the halls in your new dream house. The summer will pass quickly, and by the time fall is underway, you will be planning your move.

building a house

It’s hard to pour concrete in the dead of winter

With a spring start, your property should be ready for concrete, blacktop and landscaping while the weather is still ideal. Your new “cream of the crop” of all Lake Anna custom homes will be complete – inside and out – for your move-in. Of all the Custom Home Builders near Lake Anna, only Sacra has the experience to ensure your peace of mind.

Nobody likes taxes, but everyone loves a deduction

Examples of deductions and credits that may be available to you are:
1. Construction Loan Interest
2. State Sales Tax
3. Federal “Green” Tax Credits
4. State “Green Tax Credits

Moving in to your new masterpiece from Sacra Custom Home Builders at Lake Anna before the end of the year means you can claim all the appropriate deductions and credits right away when filing your year-end taxes.

If you are seriously considering designing and building one of the coveted Lake Anna custom homes, we urge you to put down the remote and call today. You could contemplate the beauty of the new fallen snow from the comfort of your new home by next year at this time, with nothing to do but catch up on those NCIS reruns.