We’re all happy to see signs that Spring is just around the corner. Days with temperatures in the 30 to 40 degree range are gradually giving way to 60 and even 70 degree afternoons. So, what does that mean for your home and lawn? Well for starters, it’s the perfect time to gear up for the enjoyably warm and occasionally rainy days of a typical Virginia spring.

Getting Your Home Spring Ready

Whether your an existing homeowner or considering purchasing one of our award-winning new construction homes near Lake Anna, it’s important to consider whether your home will be warm weather ready. We suggest cleaning dust and cobwebs that might have accumulated in enclosed areas such as closets, heating and air conditioning equipment enclosures, and storage spaces. Dirt and dust in the corners of such areas creates the perfect environment for mold formation.

outdoor hvac

It’s also important to regularly service and maintain your HVAC system. Air filters should be changed regularly, and your entire system should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced by a professional maintenance company.

Cleaning your home’s exterior is equally important. Take a good look at your home’s siding. Debris and other deposits can quietly accumulate on your home’s exterior and create the perfect setting for mold and mildew growth. That’s not limited to just wood and cement fiber surfaces. Dirt and grime find their way into porous brick and stone exteriors as well. We suggest pressure washing or chemical cleaning every two years, and annually for waterfront or heavily shaded homes. Maintaining a mildew-free roof is also a must. One word of caution: Different cleaning techniques are needed for different surfaces. High pressure cleaning is not appropriate for most roofs and some types of siding. Contact us for help. Sacra Custom Home Builders Lake Anna is always ready to advise or provide the services you may need.

Gutter cleaning is also a must. Leaves, straw, and debris pile up inside gutters. This prevents them from doing their job, causes water to overflow onto siding and trim, and may damage your home’s exterior. Depending on your roof height, you may be able to clean your gutters yourself, but do so with care. Sturdy ladders are a must, and a two-person approach is best for safety.

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Don’t Forget Your Yard

We recommend keeping your yard leaf free during the winter. This allows your yard to breath and prevents buildup of fungus that can quickly spread and damage your lawn. Once the likelihood of freezing temperatures has passed, we suggest you apply an environmentally friendly spring fertilizer. It’s important to select the right fertilizer for your grass type and not over-apply, as doing so can severely damage and even kill your grass. We also suggest trimming shrubbery that may be in contact with your home’s siding or HVAC equipment. Overgrown bushes and trees can damage your home’s exterior and needlessly shorten the life of your HVAC system.

Sacra Custom Home Builders Lake Anna can help by providing year-round, neighborhood-friendly yard maintenance services that are right for Lake Anna custom homes.

Sacra Custom Home Builders Lake Anna Can Help

There’s a lot involved in properly maintaining your home and lawn. Sacra Custom Home Builders Lake Anna is not just the premier builder of new construction homes near Lake Anna. We are the choice of many who trust us with maintaining their landscape in their Lake Anna Custom Homes. Let us show you why. You won’t be disappointed.