Congratulations! You’ve been looking at new homes in Lake Anna VA and have finally decided to build your dream waterfront home. You’ve been smart, you’ve done your homework, and you’ve hired one of the most trusted Lake Anna custom home builders, Sacra Custom Homes LLC. We’re excited to collaborate with you on your new home. We won’t be satisfied until you are satisfied!

Unlike other Lake Anna custom home builders, our work doesn’t end when we hand you the key to the front door. We want to be your waterfront custom home builder and renovator for all your projects. What projects, you ask? Great question! Don’t let your journey end with the completion of your home. Let us show you all the ways we can enhance the beauty, functionality and resale value of your new custom home.

Your Custom Waterfront Home Is Just The Beginning

Although your new home is stunning, you may find yourself looking at other new homes in Lake Anna VA and wishing for that little extra touch to make yours truly spectacular. A custom gazebo, a sturdy dock, a beautiful boathouse or lift, or an eye-catching seawall can make all the difference.

Gorgeous Gazebos

The land your home sits on is every bit as important as its lake frontage, and Sacra Custom Homes LLC is a waterfront custom home builder who understands this. We know you want to beautify your waterfront lot, and nothing can accomplish this like a custom gazebo. We can build any style or size to fit your needs, and whether you choose to build out of traditional wood or low-maintenance vinyl, we can offer an array of color options to make your gazebo your very own.

reading a book on the lake

A Dock For The Ages

One thing you absolutely need from your dock is durability. A Sacra Custom Homes LLC dock is one you and your family can depend on for years. Our docks are built with only the highest-quality materials to guarantee long-lasting beauty and functionality. Our goal is 100 percent client satisfaction. Put us to the test!

Floating Docks = Green Docks

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of installing a traditional dock on Lake Anna, a floating dock is the perfect solution. Floating docks can be installed in a variety of configurations and can be made from wood, metal or recycled materials. They allow for convenient pole installation to make docking your boat a breeze and best of all, they keep your impact on beautiful Lake Anna to a minimum.


Beautiful Boathouses!

You need a house to live in and so does your boat. Your boat represents a significant investment and is something you’ll want to enjoy for years. A custom boathouse will protect your boat from the elements while providing plenty of other benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Enhanced curb appeal and home value
  • Additional storage for boating accessories
  • Extra living or entertaining space right on the water

Adding a boathouse to your waterfront property will greatly enhance your lake experience, and Sacra Custom Homes LLC is a waterfront custom home builder that specializes in marine construction on Lake Anna.

Boat Lifts

If you don’t want to break up your lake view with a full-fledged boathouse, we can understand that. In this case, a low-profile boat lift may be just what’s needed. We’ll help you choose from a selection of the top lift manufacturers in the industry. Together, we’ll find and install the best boat lift for you!

Rip-Rap And Seawalls

One thing about waterfront homes is certain — erosion, but you can keep your lakeside property from slowly disappearing with proper erosion control measures. The two primary methods are:

  • Rip-Rap stone
  • Seawalls

Rip Rap is stone stabilizes eroding shorelines with the least expensive, most environmentally friendly approach.

Seawalls offer a more permanent solution and can be constructed from a variety of materials from wood to stone. We can design and install the right seawall for you taking all preferences and property covenants into consideration.

The Best Time To Start Is Now

Why wait? You’ve got ideas and we’ve got solutions! Sacra Custom Homes LLC is a waterfront custom home builder that has worked hard to earn an excellent reputation. We’ve helped homeowners from Lake Anna, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania make their dreams come true for decades. Contact us today and let’s discuss making your dream home a reality!