If you live in or are considering moving to the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania/Lake Anna area of Virginia, you know the region boasts beautiful scenery, friendly people and plenty to do.

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your existing home, or you’ve found the perfect waterfront lot on which to build the home of your dreams. You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by your project and are considering several custom home builders in Lake Anna. That’s something we understand, and we can help. Sacra Custom Homes has been building Lake Anna custom homes for years and has the expertise necessary to make your dream home building project a smooth and hassle-free experience.

To get you started, we’ve put together this short list of common mistakes we can help you avoid.

Mistake #1: Purchasing A Lot Without Knowing The Site Prep Costs

Most prospective home builders look for desirable attributes in their lot. Waterfront views, nearby amenities and privacy from neighbors are all important considerations when choosing a site.

But, people often forget to consider other aspects of their lot — like the costs involved in getting the lot ready to build on. For instance, are there environmental remediation costs? Do local electric and water services reach the lot? These factors and others are important to think about when purchasing a lot for your new home. When it comes to custom home builders in Lake Anna, Sacra Custom Homes knowledge of these possible stumbling blocks will help you confidently handle any problems that may arise.

green lot

Mistake #2: Forcing A Lot To Fit Your Home Rather Than Adapting Your Home To The Lot

Every building site is unique. Views might be available with judicious tree cutting, or perhaps the existing trees provide wonderful privacy. But your chosen building sites most desirable qualities may also be its biggest sources of trouble. For example, your deed may stipulate you can’t cut the right trees to get that view, or maybe your dream solar home requires you cut so many trees you lose desired privacy. Reasons like these mean you need an expert in new construction homes near Lake Anna on your team! Sacra Custom Homes is one of the most trusted custom home builders in Lake Anna and has been designing and building quality homes for years. We’ll help you consider all the possibilities before construction starts.

Mistake #3: Selecting The Wrong Home Designer

Choosing the right home designer is a personal decision. We get that. But consider this: you wouldn’t hire a closet company to design your kitchen — despite their expertise in organizational storage. The same is true for your entire home! Don’t make the mistake of hiring just any architect to create your perfect home. You need a company that specializes in new construction homes near Lake Anna and the surrounding area — a company familiar with the area and knowledgeable about local issues that may hinder the building process. When it comes to custom home builders in Lake Anna, Sacra Custom Homes can provide you with the right mix of knowledge, experience, and flexibility.

Mistake #4: Failing To Go Green

You’ve probably heard a lot about “green building,” but you may not understand how you can incorporate modern green building ideas into your new home. We have the answers! As an expert in Lake Anna custom homes, Sacra Custom Homes makes a point of keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and innovations. With our guidance, you can build your dream home in a way that enhances your comfort, protects your health and saves you money — all without sacrificing style. Green building is the future!

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Experience Is Key

If you take one thing from this article, we want it to be this: experience is the key to building your custom waterfront home. From site selection, to design, to construction, experience makes the process easy and stress-free. Who you decide to work with is just as important as how thoroughly you plan. The advice above is a great starting point to help you avoid some common pitfalls. When you’re ready to start your project, contact our office, and let Sacra Custom Homes assist you in making your new home a reality!