Building a custom home is a project that you complete only once in your lifetime. Choosing a standard home saves you the extra time and effort, but you are better off having many choices. Here are several reasons why you should work with us to build new construction homes near Lake Anna.

Custom Convenience

There are many reasons why people hire new homes Lake Anna VA builders. One reason is to build a home that accommodates a specific lifestyle. Some people have disabilities that affect their walking and balance. They need to have railings or stair lifts installed throughout the house.

Then, there are people who want more luxurious living. They want more control over the size of their home and the ways that it looks and functions. They usually want unique amenities, such as unique-looking swimming pools or media rooms.

In addition, the number of new construction homes near Lake Anna has increased in recent decades. More people have shown interest in this option, so now more custom home builders exist. As a result, the costs of customizing a home have decreased over time.

Home Plans

Sacra Custom Homes offers a handful of standard designs for new homes Lake Anna VA plans. We allow our clients to pitch their own ideas to our designers and customize the process as much as possible. We can replicate nearly any home style and design that’s found online or in a magazine.

It’s essential that you follow our builder’s advice carefully. We have built plenty of new construction homes near Lake Anna that are similar to your ideal. We have dealt with all kinds of delays, disasters and human errors. You must review every step of the process carefully and make sure that what you choose is what you really want. It’s common for our customers to change their mind on a design but not be able to change it once the home is being built.


Sacra Custom Homes gives you the freedom to choose the lot where you want to build your home. From Goodwin Cove to Tuscany Hills, there are different backdrops that surround new construction homes near Lake Anna. We offer everything from rolling green hills to golf courses and lakeside views from your bedroom window. The communities are small and reserved for people who want quiet, scenic living.

walkway design

Landscaping Designs

Find Lake Anna custom home builders who also specialize in landscaping and hardscaping. We mix smart engineering with creative styles and construction methods. We focus on every part of the design process. We make sure that the water drains from the yard properly, and we make sure that your yard is illuminated properly. Your landscape or hardscape will last for decades after only one installation.

Building a custom home in Virginia is becoming easier as more people show interest in the trend. Your main task is to find the right Lake Anna custom home builders who genuinely care about your needs. Sacra Custom Homes has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Review the services that we provide on our website. Then, consult one of our designers to get started.