When you’re building your dream home with Sacra Custom Homes, the kitchen is the most important part of the property where you’ll likely spend the most time. The kitchen significantly influences the value of the house and also determines the quality of the interior setting. If you’re new to the design process, there are a few factors to consider when planning your custom kitchen.

kitchen cabinet

Storage Space

With New Construction Homes near Lake Anna, most homeowners want to have plenty of storage space for their kitchen tools, small appliances, and dishware. Consider how much storage space you currently have in your kitchen and how much you desire in the new space. You’ll also need to decide if you want the storage space to be concealed or if you prefer to have open shelving. Some people choose to have a combination of both options.

The design of the cabinetry in Sacra Custom Homes will determine the style of the kitchen. You’ll need to provide pictures of looks that you love to the Custom Home Builders Lake Anna to ensure that they understand your vision and can execute the look. Many Lake Anna custom homes often include colored cabinetry with brass hardware, which looks contemporary and warm.

The pantry is an additional area where you’ll need storage space, making it necessary to consider if you want a walk-in pantry that is easy to navigate.

Work Surface

More buyers desire to have plenty of work surface for cooking and food prep to avoid feeling cramped when it comes to preparing meals each day. You may also want to have a lot of countertop space for putting your appliances or kitchen gadgets on display to ensure that they’re easy to access. The material of the work surface is also an important factor to consider because it will determine how much maintenance is needed with the upkeep. Marble is beautiful but can stain easily, which makes quartz a more practical option because it’s durable and comes with a lower price tag. Concrete, butcher block, and granite are also ideal options that are in demand for kitchens.

wood kitchen flooring

The Flooring

When working with Custom Home Builders Lake Anna like Sacra Custom Homes during the design process, they’ll ask you which type of flooring material that you want to install. The floor will take plenty of abuse, especially in high traffic areas, which makes it necessary to select a durable option. Consider how easy it is to clean each material and how much comfort that it offers. Wood floors are one of the most popular options but require a lot of maintenance and care compared to sheet flooring or tile. Many people who are looking to own Lake Anna custom homes are also choosing decorative tiles that have a unique pattern, which will contribute to the design of the kitchen.

Your Budget

Your budget is an additional factor to consider when designing your custom kitchen with Sacra Custom Homes. Make a list of your wants and needs to determine what you can afford and what features need to be left out. Begin with the crucial elements before planning to add features that aren’t necessary to ensure that you stay within your budget.

The Layout

You’ll need to work closely with Custom Home Builders Lake Anna like Sacra Custom Homes to design the layout of the kitchen. Consider where you spend the most time in the room to determine which elements need to be in proximity to one another to ensure everything is easy to access. Many New Construction Homes near Lake Anna often have similar layouts, and your Custom Home Builders Lake Anna will be able to offer a few ideas.

If you’re looking to build a new home, consider using the service of Sacra Custom Homes to ensure that you can hire builders that you can trust to build your dream house. You can create a property that is specific to your needs and lifestyle when working with the right professionals.