Today, astute real estate buyers frequently seek to acquire residences adjoining waterways. Ads for “new homes Lake Anna VA” attract wide interest. Yet as an experienced Waterfront Custom Home Builder in lovely Northeastern Virginia, Sacra Custom Homes, LLC urges our customers to pay especially close attention to six issues. These topics affect people who select lots adjoining water:

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  1. Develop a Basement Waterproofing Plan: If you plan on adding a basement or a subterranean-level crawl space to a waterfront home, maintaining adequate waterproofing proves critically important. Frequently, by their very nature, these types of properties occupy low elevations. Water may easily seep into the lowest levels of the residence in locations with high water tables. Consider asking a full-time waterproofing company to help you develop an effective customized waterproofing plan for your realty.
  2. Obtain Property Barrier Wall Inspections (if Applicable): As a Waterfront Custom Home Builder, we strongly suggest prospective purchasers of any waterfront property inspect bulkheads, pylons, barrier walls, culverts, and private bridges. Previous owners may have placed these structures on the property to separate it from the water. If a covenant requires a buyer to maintain or improve a barrier wall or a private bridge, this responsibility could add significantly to the annual cost of realty ownership, for example.
  3. Research Flood Insurance Issues: Since waterfront properties occupy low-lying areas, they often run a greater risk of flooding than elevated building sites. Prudent buyers should explore the availability (and the cost) of flood insurance before purchasing a lot for construction purposes. Taking this step might offer valuable financial assistance to homeowners at some future point in time.
  4. Investigate Applicable HOA Requirements: Do you anticipate acquiring a building site located within a Homeowners Association? Remember, HOAs sometimes maintain extensive guidelines. These covenants may govern important aspects of custom home construction on the site. Consider obtaining a copy of the HOA covenants and guidelines before making a final purchasing decision.
  5. Confirm Dock And Outbuilding Permits: A Waterfront Custom Home Builder also appreciates the importance of confirming that permits exist for any piers and outbuildings located on the property. In some cases, rights of way may allow others to access existing waterfront structures, not an existing (or a new) landowner. Consider checking the permit for these improvements to verify that acquiring the lot also confers the right to use the dock or pier and any associated boathouse(s).
  6. Check The Availability of Utilities: It usually proves prudent for anyone considering purchasing a lot for building purposes to also verify the availability of utility hookups. For example, depending upon the location of the site, extending existing electrical, water, or sewer services to a lot along the shore may involve considerable expense. Prospective buyers benefit by clarifying the details in advance of making an offer.

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As a Waterfront Custom Home Builder, Sacra Custom Homes, LLC places priority upon achieving customer satisfaction. We possess extensive experience as Lake Anna custom home builders. People responding to ads for “new homes Lake Anna VA” benefit by considering these six issues closely before purchasing building sites.

Today, owning an elegant waterfront home in this lovely region of Virginia appeals to savvy real estate seekers. Many waterfront homes enjoy excellent appreciation. Sacra Custom Homes, LLC, wants to help you achieve your dreams. Ask us to assist you in constructing a lovely custom residence in Virginia. Contact us at 540-582-2397. Discuss your project now with knowledgeable Lake Anna custom home builders!