It’s fairly easy for most people to update clothing, furniture, or cars that are out of date or no longer meeting current needs. But what happens when your house has become less of a home and more of a burden? While many homeowners are tempted to opt for remodeling over investing in a new custom home, there are many equally appealing benefits of working with the type of custom home builders Lake Anna residents normally hire when planning a new build. In fact, at Sacra Custom Homes we firmly believe that building a new custom home is better than remodeling. Here’s why.

Remodeling vs. Rebuilding: What’s the Better Option?

While it’s tempting to go by cost alone and think that remodeling is clearly the better option for you, there are some additional benefits associated with Lake Anna custom homes created by the team at Sacra Custom Homes that can easily make custom building a better long-term option. Generally, working with custom home builders Lake Anna residents already routinely turn to for this type of work is a good idea if:

• Your current layout is limited in terms of how much it can be adjusted with a remodel
• You’re not pleasing with your home’s current location
• You have specific needs your current home wouldn’t be able to easily meet even with remodeling
• You want to enjoy a nice return on your investment with increased home value and energy savings

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New Construction Homes Near Lake Anna Can Be Built the ‘Green’ Way

A typical house wastes about 30 percent more energy than one that’s designed with maximum efficiency in mind. So, if you have an older home, you may need to make a lot more updates than originally anticipated to address all sources of wasted energy and inefficiency.

However, custom home builders Lake Anna homeowners already know and trust, like Sacra Custom Homes, are experts in energy efficiency. And because we remain current with building practices, your new home can be built in a way that’s eco-friendly and energy efficient from basement to attic. Lake Anna custom homes can include many green features, including:

• Skylights and other sources of natural light that can reduce reliance on artificial sources of light
• Highly efficient windows and doors
• Roofing materials with natural cooling and heat reflecting properties
• Energy efficient HVAC systems
• Building materials designed to stand up well to the elements and help keep a home properly sealed and protected

New Home Building May Take Less Time Than Remodeling and Cost Less

Yes, some remodels are small and will only take about a week or so to complete. However, extensive home remodeling sometimes goes on for many months. Some homeowners also believe they are saving money by doing remodel work one step at a time. However, the overall cost could easily end up being more than what it would have cost to build a custom home – especially if you end up working with many different contractors and subcontractors over a long period of time.

A completely new home created by our custom home builders in Lake Anna typically takes about six months to complete from demolition to finishing touches. But if everything is well-organized and carefully planned, all work is usually completed on time and within your available budget. This means you won’t have to deal with never-ending remodeling projects with costs that won’t be completely clear until everything is finally done.

With a custom build, you’ll be able to make all decisions about what you want included before any work begins. Plus, you’ll be given an accurate estate and time frame for completion. It’s also easier to predict the cost of construction with new homes because of established pricing models.

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Many Location Possibilities for New Construction Homes Near Lake Anna

A custom home doesn’t have to be build on the same property where your existing home is located. If you’re not happy with your home’s location, a custom home build can be an excellent way to have your new home located in a spot that’s more appealing and convenient. What’s the point of remodeling a home if you’re constantly inconvenienced by your location or not pleased with your view?

The Home Value Factor

Lastly, there’s the home value factor. A new home will typically have a higher value than one that’s remodeled. If the housing market is doing well if you decide to sell, you may end up making a nice profit. And if you do end up staying put for a while in your new custom home, the increased home value can still be a much-appreciated benefit. You might even enjoy some added savings with your homeowners’ insurance policy, especially if your new home is built with energy efficiency in mind.

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons why new construction homes near Lake Anna can be a better investment than remodeling. But you can end your search for “custom home builders Lake Anna” with Sacra Custom Homes if reliable, client-focused results is what you want. Contact us today to explore your options with Lake Anna custom homes.