Owning a boat is a fun investment. But like any investment, you also know that you need to maintain it so that you can get the best return possible. Whether that return is monetary or just long years of boating, taking care of your boat is important. That is why having a boathouse is an option that you should consider when it comes to the maintenance of your boat.

custom boathouse

Just like your boat, building a custom boathouse is also an investment. But we promise that you won’t regret it because a boathouse provides you with great benefits.

  • It will protect your boat: As you know, this is the main purpose of a boathouse. It will shelter your boat from the wind, snow, and rain. It will also protect your boat from the harmful UV rays. This will lower down your maintenance costs because it will reduce the damage on your boat caused by the elements.
  • We can customize your boathouse to your liking: Not all boathouses have to look the same. It can be one level or two. It can be made of different materials, and it can be any size! When we say custom, we mean it.
  • We can design your boathouse to also be an entertainment area: The great thing about boathouses is that you can also use them for entertainment purposes. Aside from designing an area that houses your boat, we can also create a lounging area or an upper deck that can be used for parties and family gatherings.

When you build a boathouse you invest on your boat’s maintenance and on an outdoor space. If you are near Lake Anna, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Stafford or King George and are interested in a boathouse, give Sacra Custom Homes a call at 540-582-2397 or fill out our contact form.

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