As you begin thinking of building a dock for your waterfront property one of the first questions you will encounter is “floating or fixed?” To make the right decision, several things come into play. The design, the environment, and your preference are the what guides this important decision. Although at times the decision might just depend on the water conditions of your shoreline. Regardless, if can choose, how do you choose between these two?

floating dock in fall

Floating Docks

As the name suggests, floating docks float! This just means that they rise and fall with the water levels. Due to its fluctuating nature, this type of dock is better suited for calmer waters. Because it moves, it can also move with your boat making it easy for you to get on and off. Since the dock moves, it can cause a bit of noise. Also, a floating dock is not the best choice for a party or gathering. You don’t want tipsy people falling into the water. This dock is also much more easy to install.

fixed dock

Fixed Docks

A fixed dock is stationary and stable. Depending on the water level it can be a bit tougher getting on and off your boat. If the water levels are low, you could have more exposed wood. It also might need some winterization in the winter. But because fixed docks are stable they can be treated as an extension of your outdoor space. It would be much more easier to host social events on a fixed dock.

Consider all of these things when making your decision. But if you are still at a lost let the experts at Sacra Custom Homes help you out! Are you ready to add a dock or any other marine construction to your Lake Anna waterfront property? Give us a call at 540-582-2397.

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