After going through the hustle and bustle of work or building your business, it’s imperative to get away sometimes. One sure way to do this is by getting a vacation home that is just a breath of fresh air in various ways. Having an awesome design is one sure way that will do that for you, and Sacra Custom Homes as a custom home builder in Lake Anna is the right choice for you.

Tips on Designing your Custom Vacation Home

One main thing you should know when getting your custom vacation home designed is that it should be similar to your primary residence with a few exceptions. And of course, the vacation home should be designed with durable materials. The other tips for the design of your vacation home are as follows:

1. Having a rustic appeal

When it comes to Lake Anna custom homes, you can’t go wrong with a rustic look as most mountainous places have as coveted dream vacation homes.

rustic home

2. Adding touches of luxury

Whether you have a large budget or not, you can still have a sense of luxury. For those with smaller budgets, there are various faux finishes that look like real luxurious furniture. You may be surprise how discount furniture outlets, for instance, have high-quality furniture with luxurious appeal.

3. High-quality materials

Each room should be made of top-notch materials, such as real wood, granite, and marble pieces.

4. Using Color Palettes with Consistency

You should use a color palette throughout the home. Also, you can’t go wrong when you rely on subtle hues and neutral shades. Otherwise, you can risk getting a color scheme that is too much to the eyes for you, your loved ones, and guests.

5. Other Finishes

Other finishes that add that spark to Lake Anna custom homes include using accessories, plenty of wall art, and metal accents.

luxury home decor

6. Consider your space

The last thing to include is to have a large dining and living room to entertain your guests. You should also include a guest room whether you decide to share a vacation home with others renting it, or you just sometimes want to invite your loved ones (other than or besides your partner) to come with you on vacation.

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