Having a waterfront custom home builder construct a specially designed lakeside home is considered one of the most treasured goals for water lovers. While waterside homes have always been in the top ranks of locations people build their dream homes and retirement homes, the enjoyment of lakeside living has increased even more since the new trend of creating of outdoor living spaces has taken root. People who are looking for new homes Lake Anna VA will find it is a special location that offers the best of lakeside living.

Traditional waterfront homes offer wonderful views that have often been accented with patios and decks. However, in the last two decades, a wonderful new European trend that includes building “outdoor living spaces” on houses has taken root in America.

With the help of Lake Anna custom home builders such as Sacra Custom Homes, homeowners that want live on the lake can choose to invest in these special upgrades to further enhance their lakeside lifestyle. With the addition of outside living space, home buyers will find that their new home has become the chosen place for gatherings as this special outdoor area becomes beautiful “livable space”.

Defining Outdoor Living Spaces

An outdoor living space created by Sacra Custom Homes, a local Waterfront Custom Home Builder is much different from having a traditional patio or deck built. Outside living spaces are designed and created by turning outside areas into more livable and enjoyable areas of the home to use three of the four seasons of the year.

outdoor living patio

By adding an outside living space as a feature to new homes Lake Anna VA builders such as Sacra Custom Homes substantially increase the homeowner’s enjoyment of lakeside living. If designed and built properly, home buyers will find these areas to be usable even during the cooler early spring or late fall weeks. People who are building a custom home with Sacra Custom Homes can design their own outside living spaces to include a whole host of special features.

The basic requirements to enable the area to be considered outside living space includes the installation of:

  • A Roof Extension over a Patio
  • A Concrete Foundation with Weather Resistant Tile Flooring
  • Installation of Electricity Outlets for Entertainment Centers
  • Proper Lighting
  • Installation of Exterior Kitchen Area
  • Designed Multi-Purpose Space

Roof Extensions over a Patio– This is considered a basic prerequisite for defining the space as “Livable”. When designing a lakefront home with a Waterfront Custom Home Builder like Sacra Custom Homes, designing a roof extension or partial roof covering of a patio area is the best way to begin creating your outside living space.

In many cases, homeowners opt to build at least a three-quarter roof over their outdoor living area. The roof covering will allow for the space to be used even during rainstorms. Having a half to three-quarter roof covering over the area is an essential feature to define the external living space. The roofing allows the space to have extended seasonal use for personal enjoyment and entertaining.

Installation of a Concrete Foundation with Weather Resistant Tile Flooring – Outdoor living space usually starts with a concrete foundation that has a traditional weather resistant floor covering over at least half of the foundation base. The most often used type of flooring is tile since it is weather resistant and hearty. To personalize the tile flooring to match décor choices, home buyers can work with the builder to look at the variety of options available for suitable flooring.

Installation of Electricity Outlets for Entertainment Centers – This feature should be added during the construction phase. Proper outlet installation and wiring for this use is best done during construction. While building an official entertainment center outdoors can seem sketchy because of climate, covered outdoor spaces can usually accommodate a small flat screen television that can be moved off-season or during storms. Stereo systems can also easily be installed and moved indoors as well. Having the proper wiring in place will make this a breeze.

outdoor lighting

Proper Lighting Installation – Custom designing outside living space with Lake Anna custom home builders, should also include the full installation of electrical wiring. At Sacra Custom Home Builders, our electrical designs for outside living includes properly installed outside outlets and feature lighting. This will increase the usability of the space year-round.

Installation of Exterior Kitchen Area – This is a wonderful add on feature that allows for easy outside cooking. Sacra Custom Home Builders can add a built-in grille, counter, and sink area to your outside living space which will make for easy cooking and clean up. Creating this space as a diverse multi-use outside living space to include a kitchen, dining, and living room area is perfect for entertaining. Outside kitchen areas are a wonderful help in reducing summer heat buildup from traditional kitchen use when cooking.

Outside Living Space Extras

Working with a Waterfront Custom Home Builder such as Sacra Custom Home Builders to build your outside living space during the construction phase of your new home, can also include the addition of a variety of other specialty items.

Additional Features for Outdoor Living Spaces can Include:

  • Built-in Fire Pits
  • Built-in Grilles
  • Built-in Fireplaces
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Sky Lights on the Roof

Europeans have enjoyed outside Living areas for generations. Now that the trend has finally hit America, new home buyers can enjoy the rich luster and beauty, these unique spaces will bring to their home. For more information on how Sacra Custom Home Builders can design and build your new waterfront home with a beautiful outside living space, give us a call at 540-582-2397 to learn more.