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A custom home you and your family will enjoy for many years takes careful planning with an experienced custom home builder. If you decide to do a search like Custom Home Builders Lake Anna, New Construction Homes near Lake Anna or Lake anna custom homes, you are sure to find Sacra Custom Homes.

Your Local Custom Home Builder

Sacra Custom Homes is the premier custom home builder for Lake Anna, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and surrounding counties. We have built many custom homes throughout the entire area.Although we are found by searching Custom Home Builders Lake Anna, we are not limited to Custom Home Builders Lake Anna. Sacra Custom Homes serves a much larger area.Over the years, we have built relationships with many satisfied customers. They will attest to the quality of construction and professionalism Sacra Custom Homes provides every home we build.

A Major Planning Point

The most critical part of your planning is choosing your floor plan. Your floor plan should match your style of living.If you are building your custom home for entertaining, or you have a large family, your floor plan should reflect these considerations.On the other hand, if you are wishing to build a cozy hideaway with lots of personal privacy, there is a different floor plan for that design.

We here at Sacra Custom Homes have many years of experience accommodating customers’ preferences.Whether you desire a closed or open floor plan, Sacra Custom Homes is eager to work with you and build to your exact specifications.To help you decide which floor plan is optimal for you, we have provided some helpful suggestions for both open and closed floor plans below. We also explain some of these design features below each floor plan type.

open floor plan

You May Want an Open Floor Plan if:

• You have a large family
• You entertain frequently
• Prefer a more modern design
• Need minimum privacy
• Do not mind the slightly higher climate control costs
• Noise level in your home is irrelevant
• You wish to conserve construction costs

Open kitchens, and living areas make the living space look larger. Open floor plans invite socializing and sharing the common space.Open floor plans are a marked contrast to the more traditional, smaller, living spaces with more walls. They are obviously less private and noisier. These larger, open areas also cost more to heat and cool. Smaller rooms with walls are more efficiently heated and cooled.

closed floor plan

You May Prefer a Closed Floor Plan if:

• Only three or four people will live there
• You have older or adolescent children
• Do not plan to entertain frequently
• Prefer more traditional house floor plans
• Desire more walls and specifically designated areas for different activities
• Require more privacy
• Wish to pay lower heating and cooling bills
• Are more used to a quieter, more sedate home life
• If you enjoy home decoration

For small families who do not entertain frequently, smaller living spaces with more walls are generally desirable. Additionally, as children get past the required constant vigilance toddlers require, they begin to want more privacy. We all have that intrinsic need to sort of stake out our own little privacy areas. More walls provide for this need.

Likewise, if you prefer a neat and orderly abode, more walls are helpful. Children’s toys tend to stay in their rooms and not scattered like open areas seem to invite. For home decorators, more walls equal more decorating spaces.

Whatever your preferences, we here at Sacra Custom Homes are well-practiced in working with each new client to insure your new custom home is everything you envisioned. Email us or give us a call today. Start your own dream home realization with the folks who are experienced to best deliver it.