When you’re looking for custom home builders, Lake Anna is a great place to start. Companies like Sacra Custom homes provide you opportunities to add unique design elements. As part of this, a rising trend is to have a ‘pet friendly home’. As pet owners, customizing your home provides a unique chance to add some pet-friendly features to help make your pet more at home. Lake Anna custom homes allow for you to add features for your pets. To get you started, here are 3 features that you can consider adding for your pet as you consider new construction homes near Lake Anna – or anywhere!

Give Your Pet Their Own Space

Having a separate room that you can dedicate to your pet is a great way to add a number of convenient features in one place. It can be as spacious, or as minimalistic as your space allows and can be catered to the pet(s) that you have. Things that you can put in a private pet space include:

  • Custom food station and storage
  • Sleeping Nook
  • Pet-Friendly Shower Space

dog taking a shower

Sacra Custom Homes is a great example of custom home builders Lake Anna providing plenty of opportunities that let you set aside some extra space to make this pet room happen.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

When you select flooring, you want it to look nice and withstand traffic. You can do yourself and your pet a huge favor if you keep them in mind when choosing the new look. For custom home builders Lake Anna is an ideal place to settle down, so choosing to invest in flooring is well recommended. Either way you go with flooring, there are things to keep in mind for your pet –

For hardwood: Make sure to pick a nice one that is scratch resistant. Look for materials that are durable to avoid scratches from little pet paws. Additionally, look for flooring materials that are water resistant.

For carpeting: If you’re looking to replace carpeting, look for materials that are both 1) safe for animals and 2) won’t cause their nails to get stuck. Nothing is worse than running across a room, only to get painfully caught up in a carpet.

cat passing through cat door

Install Pet-Accessible Doors

Adding features is especially easy for those looking at new construction homes near Lake Anna and one pet-friendly feature it to customize doors for easy pet access. Cat/dog flaps on the front door is just the start! You can place door flaps in other areas – such as basement doors or their ‘pet room’ door; anyplace you’d like them to have autonomous access to will work for a pet door.

On the flip side, consider installing custom gates for those spaces where you need to sometimes need to prevent your pets from entering. There is a wide range of options when it comes to door gates, and you can have some truly nice, accenting pieces physically attached to your walls to both elevate your space and partition off sections.

Our custom homes near Lake Anna custom homes are on the rise; these three ideas are just the beginning when it comes to adding unique features for your pet. For custom home builders Lake Anna and the surrounding area offers much for real estate development. As you consider your pet in the design, list out what they like, where they like to be, and any challenges they currently have in your home. This will give you an idea of what to build into your home that makes both your life and your pets’ life easier. When all is said and done, investing in these features will have positive benefits for everyone – pets and owners alike. Once you are ready to design, give Sacra Custom Homes a call at 540-582-2397.