Pondering new construction homes near Lake Anna, only uncertain where to begin? Building a house is full of decisions, although the floor plan is a key choice as it plays a significant role in your lifestyle in that house. And decisions regarding your future have a substantial impact on the ideal floor plan. Therefore, it is beneficial to consult with a custom home builder and discuss key aspects of your lifestyle and needs. In the face of these questions, Sacra Custom Homes can help.

open floor plan of a kitchen


Firstly, consider lifestyle essentials. Do you crave privacy or prefer to entertain? Relish time in the kitchen or garage? Do friends or family frequently visit? Your lifestyle plays a massive role in determining which floor plan will meet your needs. We are custom home builders Lake Anna and can help identify which plans with the highest value. If you prefer privacy, but frequently have visitors, a bedroom adjacent to the living room would be inappropriate. Enjoy entertaining and cooking in the kitchen? An open floor plan allows guests to socialize in the kitchen and living room. Do you own a collection of tools or sports equipment? A mudroom and large garage offer substantial storage solutions.  We as custom home builders in Lake Anna can help simplify these decisions by identifying key aspects in your lifestyle that could benefit from a change.

Future Changes

Unfortunately, current needs aren’t the only consideration as life changes over time. Fantasizing about a baby? Elderly parents moving in? Planning a home for retirement? In all these situations, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms is paramount. New parents may prefer a nursery adjacent to the master suit. Whereas elderly parents may prefer a suit that includes a small kitchen and allows for independence. And as people age, accessibility and safety may be a concern. This specific situation, while incredibly personal, has industry solutions, and Lake Anna custom homes can provide advice. With elderly or disabled family members distance to a bathroom or stairs may affect the accessibility of a home. New children will need a place of their own for toys and sleeping, and, of course, everyone needs access to a bathroom in the morning. Lake Anna custom homes can contribute solutions to these tricky problems that occur long after a home has been purchased. With a little forethought and planning, Sacra Custom Homes can provide a home that will last decades.

bedroom with a bed


We as custom home builders in Lake Anna recommend you also consider lighting on the site. People frequently prefer cool, darker bedrooms and brightly lighted living rooms and kitchens. The orientation of the home on the site and the floor plan itself will impact which rooms receive the greatest light. And lifestyle can play an important role determining where the light should fall. Perhaps, you enjoy a cup of coffee and the gentle morning light to ease into the day? Perhaps you love to barbecue without the scorching summer sun? In these cases, an alternative orientation or unconventional floor plan could accommodate these needs. Custom Home Builders Lake Anna can assist with these complex decisions.
As a result, when considering current lifestyles and potential future needs, a second opinion may bring clarity. Sacra Custom Homes, which builds new construction homes near Lake Anna, can help you select the perfect floor plan that will meet your needs today and still accommodate unknown needs in the future. Call Sacra Custom Homes today to talk about your future home!