Winter is an excellent time for your garden to hibernate, but there’s no need for it to be boring. ​The exterior landscape of your home might seem dull, but an innovative landscaping idea can make it thrive throughout the winter. Plants add life to any garden, no matter what season it is. You can use many different types of flowering plants in your winter garden.

Here are the four best winter flowering plants for your garden.

1. American Cranberrybush

The American cranberry bush is an excellent decoration for any home. It has a great color that brings out the vibrancy of your landscape. This shrub grows tall at 9 to 12 feet, so it must be planted correctly. It blooms in winter with waxy white flowers that stand out against any background. This flowering plant is deciduous, meaning it only blooms in winter and will lose its leaves in summer.

The berries of this shrub are red and shiny and have a delicious taste. The berries are especially good for making jellies, jams, wine, and cranberry sauce. Be sure to place it in a place where it gets 6 hours of sunlight daily.

2. Red Twig Dogwood

Redtwig,Dogwood, in the winter

The red twig dogwood is a shrub known for its vibrant color during winter. It will survive in various weather conditions, making it an extremely versatile plant. To make this plant thrive, it should be planted where the soil drains well so the roots do not get waterlogged. The tree should also be produced where there are few other plants so that its branches get sunlight during the day.

The red twig dogwood can grow up to 10 feet high and is a low-maintenance plant. Only in the spring will the flowers. They are white or pink and bloom for several weeks. The bark of this tree is smooth and gray. This tree can withstand harsh winters with temperatures that dip below 0 °F. Get landscape design and installation near Lake Anna for your new yard.

3. Paper Birch

This flowering plant is an evergreen tree that stays green throughout the year. It has beautiful red bark that shines in the sun during winter and gives the feeling of warmth to any garden. They have glossy green leaves that are shaped like a spear. The flowers of this tree are small, yellow-green, and very delicate. They bloom in spring and are beautiful against the red bark of this tree. In autumn, the branches turn purplish, making them look even more enticing.

Paper birch grows to around 100 feet and has a spread of 30 feet. It is one of the best plants for making products such as paper and plywood. The leaves are very soft, and the inner bark can be used to make rope or weaving materials. Sacra Custom Homes, a landscape design and installation near Lake Anna can assist in designing the landscape to your needs.

4. Winterberry

Winterberry,Plants,With,Deep,Red,Winterberries,during the winter season

The winterberry is a beautiful shrub known for its white berries. It is used during the winter season as a tabletop decoration. It grows oval and has glossy green leaves shaped like arrows. The flowers bloom in clusters and have excellent red color. They look great when placed near the branches. In autumn, the berries start to ripen and are white and glossy. They attract birds to your garden because of their beautiful shine. For creative landscape design and installation near Lake Anna, contact a professional from Sacra custom homes for help.

This shrub is a deciduous plant. It should be planted in a sunny place near the water to grow well. We can help you incorporate this flowering plant into your home. It should also be planted with other flowering plants of the same color.

The different colors and textures of plants during winter will add life and luster to an otherwise barren yard. The best ​custom home builders in Lake Anna can help you bring out the brightness of your backyard. Contact Sacra custom homes for landscape design and installation near Lake Anna.