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Marine Construction on Lake Anna


Waterfront Marine Services

Let us enhance and beautify your Lake Anna waterfront property. Allow us to assist you with any problematic marine issues you may experience by relying on our expertise. Eliminate erosion, stabilize and protect your outdoor environment.We specialize in the implementation of mitigation plans designed to reverse and eliminate deterioration of wetland areas. Please contact us with any erosion problems. Our engineers will evaluate and draft a plan to rectify your concerns. We offer complete design assistance with planning and permitting of all projects.


Our docks are exclusively designed and made for your needs. Our skilled crew uses high quality materials to guarantee that your custom dock is not only safe but beautiful. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied. Just tell us what you want and we take care of design, planning and permitting of all projects.

We can build and customize depending on the type of water you have. We can build a fixed dock that holds you to the shore or a floating dock for water with fluctuating levels. What about the look of your dock? You can choose from wood, composite or plastic!  If you need customization such as building enough space for more than one boat or for accommodating friends and family, we can do it!



boat house with upper deck

Your boathouse houses and showcases your boat. That is why we can build your custom boathouse in any material, size and style! Our team has experience in crafting the most beautiful and elaborate boathouses. We want to make sure that every specification given by you is completed to precision.



Boat Lifts

After your watercraft is measured, you will choose from a selection of quality lift makers’ best suited to your craft. Options include floating lifts or standing vertical, cantilever or hydraulic lifts.


Floating Docks

Conducive to fluctuating water levels and deep water usage floating docks offer customers the flexibility of reconfiguration and usage. Choose from metal, wood, recycled materials or poly filled foam cells. Add convenient pole installation for boat docking ease.


Rip-Rap Installation

Rip-Rap Installation







Rip Rap is stone installed along eroding shorelines to stabilize shoreline erosion. Rip Rap is the least expensive approach to ensuring stabilization and loss of valuable property. This is a natural alternative to more formal erosion control measures.


We here at Sacrascape LLC have the knowledge and expertise to advise and remedy any erosion problems that may exist. Shoreline stabilization can be accomplished in many ways, from the installation of traditional wood to solid stone walls. Depending on your preference and or covenants of the area in which you live we can design a solution to fulfill your needs.


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