Hi there! We are glad you are back! Today’s blog post is about home design. Whether you build your home in Fredericksburg, Lake Anna, Spotsylvania or anywhere else, we want you to be completely in love with your new home. And what does that entail? It means that you want to keep certain things in mind when building your home, so it turns out to be perfect.

We believe that every decision, room, design, color is critical to the look of your home. That is why we work with you on every detail, so it is exactly how you want it. And although every decision is critical, if you don’t know where to start we have a few things that you should keep in mind when designing your home.


The land is critical. Seriously. Aside from the obvious reasons such as the commute to your work, the kids’ schools and the distance to grocery stores. The condition of your land can put some limitations on your home design. Making sure that you have the right type of soil and avoiding slopes and rocky areas can save you a lot of money.

Direction of Home

This is a common mistake people make. Placing the living room and bedrooms in the wrong direction can make for incredibly hot rooms during the summer months and freezing rooms in the winter. Consider where the sun will rise and set. Of course, it all depends on where you live. But our designers will help you figure out the position your home should face.

house outlet

Placement of Outlets

You don’t think about it until you are trying to binge watch a show on Netflix and decide to charge your phone at the same time. As you design the layout of your home, keep in mind where do you want your lighting and outlets to be. Also, think about where you would like small appliances like a Keurig or toaster to go. If you plan your outlet positioning in advance, you won’t have to forego style.

Think About the Future Sale

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, consider the things that could up sell your home. The neighborhood, special features or building your home with “green” in mind. Engird-efficient homes and smart homes have gained popularity in recent years. The more energy you save, the less bills you have to pay. The more your home can do for you, the more comfortable you can live.

house plans

Think About Your Future

This means that you should keep in mind your life situation. If you have or you plan to have a family, think of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you want. Think of the best way you would want the rooms positioned so you could watch your kids while you are cooking or cleaning. Unless you are willing to spend the extra money for renovations down the line, thinking ahead is a good idea.

As we mentioned before, there are many decisions that go into designing your perfect home. But these can serve as a guideline on where to start. Once you are ready to design the home of your dreams, give Sacra Custom Homes a call! You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @SacraCustomHomes, to keep up with us!