Are you a prospective homebuyer? If you are currently thinking about buying a home, then this post is for you. There is a misconception about custom homes being unaffordable and expensive. In fact, a brand new custom home could be within your budget and could end up saving you money. The DIY trend of buying and fixing up an old home is a good idea but it is not always as inexpensive as you might think it is, and you might end up sacrificing some things. Depending on your budget and needs, contacting a custom home builder to build your future home might be a better choice.

custom home under construction

How can a Sacra custom homes save you money?

  1. It already fits your style: Whether you design your custom home or you choose from one of our floor plans, you will be buying a home that already has what you like. Whether it the number of bedrooms or the material for the kitchen countertops, you won’t have to add an addition or replace the countertops like you would in an older home.
  2. Your new home is more energy-efficient: Appliances, HVAC systems, and building materials have improved over the past decades. Buying a home that is 50 or even 20 years old will not compare to a home built in 2018. Your new custom home will have energy-efficient appliances as well as better insulation, energy efficient windows and more. This will save you money on your monthly energy saving home
  3. You won’t need to renovate: It’s not just about buying a fixer-upper where you have to fix everything, but you usually have to invest in something when you buy a house.  And it usually ends up being more than you thought. Whether it be the kitchen, the HVAC, or the roof, you won’t have to fix anything with your new custom home.

Interested in a custom home? If you are looking for a custom home builder near Lake Anna, call Sacra Custom Homes at 540-582-2397. You can choose from any of our floor plans or we can work together to design the home of your dreams.

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