Are you a homeowner in Lake Anna, Virginia, or anywhere in the surrounding counties of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania who is looking to build a custom home? Then, you need to give some thought to which kind of basement you prefer. There are two types of basements that you can settle for, daylight/walk-in and walk-out basements. Consider soliciting the advice of custom home builders in Lake Anna for clarifications on which option might work best for you.

We are experienced contractors specializing in custom homes and new construction homes near Lake Anna and the surrounding counties. Over the years, we have helped numerous homeowners like you bring their dream homes into reality. Here’s some expert insight into daylight and walk-out basements.

Differences Between Daylight and Walk-out Basements

If you have been researching Lake Anna custom homes for a while, it might be easy for you to spot the differences between the two types of basements given their names. A daylight basement is fitted with windows opening to the outside, while a walk-out basement has a door leading outside. As you can already tell from their differences, the basement type will affect your home’s design. Here is an overview of what each basement is used for;

Daylight Basement

A daylight basement will one or more windows but no doors leading outside. The windows can be placed in window wells below ground level or the typical way above ground level. As experienced custom home builders in Lake Anna and beyond, most of the clients we interact with set up their homes on a flat lot and settle for a daylight basement.

In such a case, we excavate the ground 8ft down before laying the foundation. This ensures that enough room for a basement and its windows. Where feasible, we try to put the windows above ground. Where this is not possible, dig out window wells around the window. This allows for daylight to enter the basements, and when needed, you can use the windows to exit the basement.

grey basement

Walk-out Basement

A walk-out basement is not that common are it requires a house to be set up on a piece of land that has a significant slope for a complete door and walkway to be installed to the basement. Most new construction homes near Lake Anna with walk-out basements choose to have their door open up to their yard.

Is there a difference in the price of a home?

In our experience as custom home builders in Lake Anna, a home with a walk-out basement can command a slightly higher price than one with a daylight basement. The price difference is mainly because a walk-out basement can provide more functionality than a daylight basement. This can be;

A second living area: If you like to host friends and family in your home for parties, you could dramatically benefit from a second living with a door opening up to the yard
Workout studio: Healthy living is all the fuss these days. If you are into exercising, you could benefit from having a workout studio with a door leading to the yard for some outdoor exercises.
A rented room: Homeowners can now easily rent space in their homes through platforms like Airbnb. If you have an additional room with a door that leads outside, it can be desirable to renters.

Whatever basement option you go for, it’s up to you to make the space your own. If you are looking for top-notch custom home builders in Lake Anna, reach out to us. We have constructed numerous Lake Anna custom homes for our clients, so you can be sure we can make your dreams a reality.