Experts from different sectors think that the world will never be the same again after the Covid-19 pandemic. Signs supporting this statement are already manifesting across several sectors, but none of the manifestations is more pronounced than what is going on in the custom homes space. We, Sacra Custom Homes, are celebrated custom home builders in Lake Anna, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, and the neighboring counties. We serve thousands of homeowners across this region, and here are the custom home features that we have noticed have become popular since Covid-19 started.

Home Office

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic forced many organizations to resort to having their employees working at home. For most employees who had spent their entire career working at their company offices, working from home was a new experience. It’s no surprise that many of the employees who had to work from home went on to set up a home office. Today, many Lake Anna custom homes feature a home office.

home gym

Home Gym

To contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the WHO and the CDC recommended that people avoid public places and public gatherings. This meant that many people who previously had a gym routine had to stop going to a public gym. For many others, having to stay at home meant that they were less physically active. Therefore, many homeowners installed a home gym to help them stay fit and healthy during the pandemic’s movement restrictions. Currently, home gyms are almost a must-have as many new construction homes near Lake Anna are being built with space for a dedicated home gym.

Pet Bath Station

In our many years as custom home builders in Lake Anna, we have never seen such a dramatic skyrocketing in demand for pet bath stations as after Covid-19 started. This is because Covid-19 meant that people could not maintain the social interactions they had to mitigate the spread of the pandemic. This includes losing work and gym social interactions and staying at home full-time. As a result, many people got pets to keep them company during these challenging times. Thus, they needed a pet bath station to wash their pet.


Outdoor Living Space

Before the onset of the pandemic, outdoor living space was an underappreciated feature for most homeowners. This is because they used to spend their outdoor time out and about visiting public places and such. As reputable custom home builders in Lake Anna, numerous clients have come to us looking for assistance setting up their outdoor living space over the last 16 months. This is because the pandemic made it impossible for anyone to explore an outdoorsy lifestyle beyond their home’s safety. Therefore, many have chosen to bring that outdoorsy lifestyle to their homes.

Walk-In Pantry

Over the last year, we have fitted many more Lake Anna custom homes with walk-in pantries than ever before. The rise in demand for walk-in pantries has been driven by the need of many homeowners to purchase household items in bulk. This has been in an effort to limit the number of trips that they have to take to the supermarket to buy stuff. A walk-in pantry means that a homeowner can purchase and store bulk foodstuff and toiletries that can last them weeks before they have to go out shopping again.

Let’s Help You Customize Your Home

If you are looking to add any features to your home, you can rely on us to help you customize it to suit your needs. We are dedicated custom home builders in Lake Anna and the surrounding counties, with thousands of happy clients. We also take up new construction homes near Lake Anna and deliver exceptional results. Call or email us for all your custom home needs.