If you own a home along a lake’s shoreline, you have real estate with incredible value. The shoreline might be missing something, however. Adding a dock to your property’s perimeter is a clever investment that pays off for both you and the next owner. Discover how a dock adds value to your home as you consider marine construction on Lake Anna, Virginia.

Becomes an Extension to the Home

Homeowners always want as much square footage within the structure as possible. Lakefront homes may not have large footprints, however. A dock adds value to the home because it creates the perception of a bigger property. The dock becomes an extension to the living space. Add a few lounge chairs, tables and umbrellas to the dock so that it encourages people to relax outside. When the dock is visible from the home’s interior, the entire coastline looks like it’s part of the home. This visual aspect can add thousands to a home’s value at selling time.


Reveals Savings on Boat Slips

A dock connected to your property translates into storage space for a boat. Potential buyers see the dock and realize that paying boat-slip fees isn’t in their future. These charges for an alternative space can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. As you consider marine construction on Lake Anna, remind yourself that you’ll save on slip fees as well. There’s value for homeowners, buyers and the property in this case.

Protects the Vessel With a Boat Lift

A permanent dock might have a boat lift included in the design. Consider these two items as real value to your property. Both the dock and lift protect the vessel during harsh weather. By protecting the boat, buyers see value in the property as it stops any harm to the smaller asset with the clever design. The dock itself might protect the shoreline too, which is another value item.

Creates an Accessible Coastline

Your lakefront home may be right on the water, but that doesn’t mean the water is accessible. There might be a small drop-off or even rocks dividing the property from the water’s edge. Marine construction on Lake Anna adds value to your home because it creates a pathway. Homeowners and visitors can walk across the backyard and directly onto the dock. There are no concerns about maneuvering down a steep section to enjoy the water. Everyone, from seniors to toddlers, can discover the water without safety issues.


Decreases Investment Costs for Buyers

When potential buyers consider your property, they want as much value as possible. They don’t want to see several projects that must be completed after the sale. In fact, building a dock may not be attractive in their minds. By installing a dock as a homeowner, the property’s value rises. Buyers don’t have to take on this task, which often includes permitting and hiring contractors.

Offers Flexibility With Floating Design

When your marine construction on Lake Anna includes a floating dock, this design creates flexibility and value. These docks can be reconfigured into nearly any shape, which is attractive to buyers. They can also be removed entirely when severe weather strikes. Both of these factors can add substantial gains to a home sale.

Whether you live in Lake Anna, Spotsylvania or Fredericksburg, investing in your property makes sense in the long run. Contact Sacra Custom Homes today at https://www.sacracustomhomes.com/. We can help you with marine construction on Lake Anna and other locations. Trust in our team to make your dock designs a reality. Relaxing days on the lake can be a reality in no time.